Five Benefits of an Indoor Security System

Sunday, July 23, 2017

     For a long time now, security systems have been synonymous with businesses and government offices. The benefits are numerous and range from protecting the premises from intruders to keeping an eye on employees. According to legal offices, such as, a growing number of personal injury cases are being backed by indoor cameras and have helped provide indisputable records of claims.

     The advantages of having an indoor security system are just as applicable to residential properties, where apartment managers and homeowners have used them to keep an eye on babysitters, discourage or catch intruders, and provide general peace of mind.

     We’ll take a look at a handful of specific benefits of having an extra set of “eyes” on the place you call home.

Five Benefits of an Indoor Security System

1. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

     The primary problem with carbon monoxide (CO) is that it’s undetectable by human senses. As such, a security system with carbon monoxide detectors is a must for modern residences. You can take the extra step by linking the detection system with your overall home security system to tap into an emergency services dispatch. This is important because it’s easy to quickly become incapacitated if there’s a leak and the CO concentration has been building up.

2. Fire Safety

Five Benefits of an Indoor Security System

     As part of standard building codes, you should already have a fire alarm and extinguisher easily accessible in your home. Most deadly fires occur at night when everyone’s asleep, which makes a heat-detection mechanism that automatically alerts the authorities your best bet for a robust security system.

     Additionally, even when you’ve been alerted, the black smoke that accompanies a serious fire can quickly incapacitate the people inside the home. In fact, it’s often the smoke that kills long before the fire is even hot enough to do so.

3. Remote Monitoring

     While the ability to view the inside of your home using your cell phone is definitely a benefit, the real utility of having a remote-monitoring security system comes when you’re on vacation. Being out of town means you’re not in a position to do much of anything, but having a monitoring system that alerts a central administrator is a definite way to protect your valuables.

Five Benefits of an Indoor Security System

     Additionally, an outside administrator or apartment managers can use your security system to detect carbon monoxide build-ups, gas leaks, and drastic changes in temperature that could point to a dangerous cause. The same goes for being on a business trip.

     By turning on lights and appliances from a distance, you may even be able to deter a crime in progress, but more likely, you’ll simply eliminate your home from the pool of prospective victims that most intruders canvass.

4. Home Security Systems Benefit Homeowners Insurance

     Once you truly understand what insurance is, it makes sense that residences with home security systems save a great deal on homeowners insurance. Insurance is all about risk, and having a visible deterrent mitigates this risk, making your credit profile more attractive to insurers.

     The exact details of the features of your alarm system will vary, but in general, you can save double-digit percentage points on insurance if you’ve got the right ones to make a robust security system.

5. Security Systems Make Homes More Valuable

     If you’re ever in the market for selling your home, then you should know that the kitchen, bathroom, and security system are the three primary aspects that increase the value the most.

     Given that most wireless systems these days are a lot less expensive than in the past, you can definitely make a profit while enjoying some utility from the system. Protect your family, give yourself peace of mind, and secure your home—all with one device.

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