Thank You, Daddy!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

     Tireless providers who spend most of their time looking for ways to ensure that their family is able to enjoy a comfortable life, fathers tend to express their love not through words or gestures but through the service that they give to their family. 

     The everyday little things that they do for their family should never ever be taken for granted, whether it be giving their children their daily allowance, driving family members to school, or simply helping out in the household chores, a father’s love is always a precious thing to have. 

     This is why this Father’s Day let’s show our fathers how much we appreciate their efforts by celebrating their selfless acts of love. Inspired by their “Kasama Mo” campaign, Firefly LED’s Father’s Day tribute is a fitting example of how dads care for their families.

     It’s in his everyday efforts to do well in his job, which show just how selfless he can be in caring for his family’s needs. 

       Just like the three fathers featured in Firefly LED’s Father’s Day tribute. 

     “Ako ang nag-aalaga sa kanila, lahat ng pangangailangan nila, pag-aaral, pagkain, baon nila araw araw, kung ano yung kailangan, yun ang ginagampanan,” says Harold, a 43-year-old single father and architect of his responsibility to his three children. 

     When asked what kind of father he is to his children, Rowel, a 47-year-old electrician has this to say, “Mapagmahal na ama. Hanggang kaya ko magtrabaho, gagawin ko. Sila lang ang kayamanan ko sa buhay.”

     Fifty-year-old driver turned real estate agent, Mario, takes pride in being able to provide for his children, especially for their education, “Napagtapos ko silang lahat. Masasabi ko pa rin naman na naging maayos yung pagpapalaki ko sa kanila.”

     When asked what it is that they continue to pray for their family, a teary-eyed Mario says that he doesn’t want a broken family, same with Rowel, who shares he doesn’t want his children to suffer any hardships in life, adding how, one of his daughters is currently going through some problems with her partner who took away their child. 

     As the three fathers were talking about the joys and sacrifices of being a father, unbeknownst to them their families have been listening to their interviews, shedding tears of appreciation for their beloved fathers. 

     This time, it’s their families who will be making the effort to celebrate the wonderful fathers that they are. Selfless, loving, and will do anything for their families. 

     It is definitely a tear-jerking moment to hear their stories and see how, with a just a loving hug from their family members and words of appreciation, you’ll see the look of contentment and happiness in their eyes. That with just a small gesture of appreciation, they are reassured that all of their sacrifices for their families are worth it.

     “Darating din ang panahon na magiging magulang sila, sana ganon din ang gawin ng mga anak nila sa kanila,” ends Harold.

     A fitting tribute to the light and pillar of the family, Firefly joins every Filipino family in saluting every father’s tireless efforts to give his family the best life he can.

Happy Father's Day!!!

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