Power Mac Center x Galileo Digital Summer Camp

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

     Summer vacation is just around the corner. For hands-on-moms like me, it's a relief that finally my son will not be forced to wake up early in the morning (but he needs to) and prepare for school. No more home works and projects for the next three months too! Indeed, it's summer vacation and time to engage kids in educational activities that will make this vacation fun and full of learning.

     Sports clinic and music workshop are the usual activities that parents choose for their kids during summer vacation. I presume that moms and dads out there want their kids learn how to play basketball, volleyball, other kinds of sports. On the other hand, if your child is a music lover there will be a big chance that you'll enroll him or her in a music workshop. Did you know that there's a new and exciting camp for the techie kids out there? Learn more about Power Mac Center x Galileo Digital Summer Camp after the jump!

Power Mac Center x Galileo Digital Summer Camp

Digital Summer Camp

     Now on its third year, Galileo Enrichment Program is offering the Digital Summer Camp: Computer Programming for Kids in collaboration with Power Mac Center. This techie summer treat allows children to have fun while learning digital skills.
  • This programming course aims to break classroom walls and create a learning space that will boost child's creativity using technology. 
  • This workshop aims to encourage learning through collaboration and cooperation.
  • With Power Mac trainers as their mentors, children will be able to enhance their use of digital tools and bring life their imagination.
  • At the end of the program, the students will receive a certificate of attendance and a USB flashdrive containing individual products created.
  • The program is open for 9-14 years old students.
  • There will be 10-12 students per group.
  • Two Power Mac Trainers and One Galileo Teacher-Facilitator in each class.
  • Tuition Fee- Php5,000
  • Two hours per module for five days.
  • Use of iPad & iMac devices during learning sessions

Power Mac Center x Galileo Digital Summer Camp

Digital Summer Camp Modules

Module 1- Robotics Programming featuring Sphero

     This module will teach the students the basic mode of coding to program a Sphero with desired speed, spin, and color by dragging and dropping blocks or text-based programming and operate it using iOS devices. Output- Programming codes for Sphero

Module 2- Animation for Kids

     The module will teach children how create and animate characters. Output- Animate Galileo Characters.

Module 3- Stop Motion Video Creation

     Kids will use and mix digital camera, computer, and imagination. With all these three they are on their way to create a great video clip. Output- Stop Motion video clip of Galileo Characters.

Module 4- Digital Drawing

     Students will discover an authentic, natural drawing experience that is as close to pencil, pen, marker, or brush on paper as digital art tool. Output- Digital drawing of Galileo Characters.

Module 5- Game Creation

     Allows the learner to design games easily, while learning some basic programming logic in the process. Output- 2D flash games.

Schedules- Classes will start April- May 2017

Power Mac Center x Galileo Digital Summer Camp

     During the launch, invited bloggers were introduced to three of the modules mentioned above. We had a glimpse of Robotics Programming, Stop Motion Video Creation, and Game Creation. It's a fun experience and I really enjoyed the walk through in each modules. 

Power Mac Center x Galileo Digital Summer Camp
Bloggers commanding their Spheros during the Robotic Programming Class

Power Mac Center x Galileo Digital Summer Camp
Here's moi in Game Creation Class

Power Mac Center x Galileo Digital Summer Camp
My output for the Stop Motion Video Creation Class

Power Mac Center x Galileo Digital Summer Camp
Mommy and lifestyle bloggers together with Power Mac Center and Galileo Enrichment Program teams.

     Power Mac Center and Galileo also treated our kids to a whole day of learning and fun. I saw how kids enjoyed from the first modules up to last, their energy lasted from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Kenzo and his cousin Chlowie joined the last two modules though.

Power Mac Center x Galileo Digital Summer Camp
Kids had a blast in their Stop Motion Video Creation and Robotic Programming Class

Power Mac Center x Galileo Digital Summer Camp

     I'm inviting all the parents and kids to enjoy summer the techie way. Enroll your kids in Digital Summer Camp and see them do amazing stuff while using their gadgets. Not only the kids will learn the basics of coding and programming, they will also be able to use and integrate their subjects in school like Math and English during their workshop.

Sharing with you a short video of Robotics Programming featuring Sphero

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