Althea Mobile App Launch + Althea Haul

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

     We all want to shop online because we know it makes our lives easy. Shopping foe beauty products online gone a long way especially for Althea Korea as they recently launched the Althea Mobile App- easiest and most convenient way to browse, discover, and shop for your favorite K-Beauty products. The app is specifically designed to be fast, simple, and easy to navigate. Through this,we hope to cater to the increasingly on-the-go lifestyles of our users so they can shop any time, anywhere. 

     Althea unveiled their highly-anticipated mobile application, capping off a successful year for Southeast Asia’s No.1 K-Beauty destination. This year alone, Althea expanded to 3 new countries (Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand) after Malaysia and Singapore in 2015. The newly launched mobile application will be available on both iOS and Android systems. 

Althea Mobile App Launch + Althea Haul

Download the Althea Mobile Application and experience these features:
  • Althea’s mobile application not only allows the consumer the convenience of shopping anywhere with just a few taps, but have also added features such as being able to follow their favourite brands, and adding items to their wish list by tapping the heart button above the product. 
  • Be updated with the latest arrivals, sales, and current promotion.
  • Customers get recommendations based on the products they like or have previously purchased. 
  • The application is also aesthetically appealing with easy browsing of products and brands, showcasing a clean and simple-to-understand interface that allows customers to make purchases in a quick and easy fashion while keeping up to date with the latest and best of K-Beauty from South Korea. 

Althea Mobile App Launch + Althea Haul
This is how the app looks like

     Althea App is available in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. In conjunction with the launch of their app, Althea will be giving out an exclusive promotional code for customers to use on their first app purchase. For Philippines, the code is MOBFIRST300 to discount P300off a minimum of P1000 purchase. Terms and conditions apply. 

Althea Mobile App Launch + Althea Haul

     For now, sharing with you my haul from Althea Korea Philippines last month. I was one of the beta tester for the mobile app and got the first dibs on how the app looks like, how it works, and of course shopping for products that were on sale. In less than a week, my pink Althea box arrived!

Althea Mobile App Launch + Althea Haul

     I enjoyed shopping using Althea's Mobile App because it's easy to use. I enjoyed browsing the sale section because most of the products that I like have great discounts and promotion during the time I was tasked to do the shopping. Most of the products you'll see below except for Tony Moly are new to me especially the brands that I picked.

Althea Mobile App Launch + Althea Haul

What's inside the box?
  • Tony Moly Panda's Dream Eye Patch
  • Angel Factory All in One Peeling Pad
  • Rire Luxe Gel Eyeliner
  • Witch's Pouch Easy Drawing Gel Eyebrow
  • It's My Magic Sponge
  • Rilakkuma x A'Pieu Cushion Blusher
  • Aritaum Jelly Cleansing Puff

Face products:
  • Tony Moly Panda's Dream Eye Patch- for sleepless nights! I need this to freshen my puffy eyebags.
  • Angel Factory All in One Peeling Pad- for exfoliation. I've been looking for a peeling gel that will make my skin bright. Let's see if this product will take away the dullness and dryness of my skin because of the cold weather.
  • Rilakkuma x A'Pieu Cushion Blusher- for the love of cushions and cute designs! My first cushion blusher to date. This product is too cute to pass :)

Althea Mobile App Launch + Althea Haul
Tony Moly, Rilakkuma x A'pieu, and Angel Factory

For the eyes:
  • Rire Luxe Gel Eyeliner- rekindling my love for brown eyeliners. The word 'Luxe' got me sold!
  • Witch's Pouch Easy Drawing Gel Eyebrow- rekindling my love for gel eyebrow liner and after reading the product description for Witch's Pouch, I just found this inside my shopping cart. 

Althea Mobile App Launch + Althea Haul
Rire and Witch's Pouch

  • It's My Magic Sponge- there's an international brand that became famous for this kind of sponge, now let's see if this is at par with the famous one. I'll be using this to apply my liquid foundation in the future.
  • Jelly Cleansing Puff- heard this product is good in cleansing dirt on face but it's gentle on skin.

Althea Mobile App Launch + Althea Haul
It's My and Aritaum

     Thank you so much Althea Korea for another shopping spree. Congratulations on this new venture! Excited to see more products and promotions in the mobile app. I'm inviting everyone to download the app and enjoy shopping for K-beauty products anytime, anywhere!

Good Times!~

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