4 Simple Ways to Stay Stylish

Monday, August 01, 2016

     Student life is the best period in a person’s life. A modern student is a multifaceted personality. Girls and boys aim to become professionals in their fields. Student days hold many events, such as morning lectures, additional academies, evening trips to either cinema or nightclubs. It is necessary to choose not only fashionable but practical clothes for supporting such an active life.

Many girls that have decided on their major, begin to dress as they would do it at work: 
  • Future politicians, MBAs, and lawyers are preferable to wear business suits, that their career will oblige;
  • More pretentious apparel is meant for Art specialties. 

     Style is a personal creativity for every day and whole life as well. And it depends solely on you her your style is interesting to others, captivates, makes to admire or emulate.

4 Simple Ways to Stay Stylish
 Ways to keep the style in a university routine:

1. Choose a Style

     A style should represent your character and compliment the build. Fashionable things are not those that fill every store shelves. But those things that will fit well, suitable for complexion and emphasize your individuality. Clothing should harmoniously mix with your temperament, mood and time of day, year, and your social status. Only then it will carry out its main task, making your image even more beautiful, more unique.

2. Color Combinations

     The prime thing that gives out a bad taste - it is wrong-chosen color combinations. Dark colors can make you entirely invisible, but the trendy colors may not match with your look. Popular shades are especially risky in this case. If things in fashionable colors don’t suit you, just accept this fact and find a small accessory in that color. Numerous magazines offer many tips on how to learn to understand the variety of colors and choose your exact shade. There is a simple principle of dividing women into the following types: Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn. You need to properly classify yourself by a certain season color type. The rest is a trick.

3. Choose Accessories

     They are acceptable compliments to any stylish image. Today, Hand Made Style accessories are extremely fashionable. To create them, usually natural materials, fabrics, wood, and feathers are applied. Many famous fashion designers recommend using long earrings, original wide bracelets, metal products in the form of coins, birds, snakes, flowers and other shapes. Back to fashion are retro rings, vintage brooches, and layered necklaces.

4. Pay Attention to Your Hairstyle

     Style does not end at the line of shoulders. The best way to quickly and efficiently refresh the image is to make a trendy and comfortable hairstyle. 

Important image elements:

- Walk - one of the most important components of women appearance. It should be at ease and full of grace. It mostly depends on your self-confidence and a degree of charisma that will emanate from you. Keep track of your posture and do not slouch. Don’t walk too fast, bending knees;

- Gestures, facial expressions. In ordinary life, only apply those that express openness to others. Don’t forget to smile;

- Internal culture. A stylish person realizes her attractiveness but never behaves arrogantly towards others. Politeness, participation, nobleness - significant qualities for everyone.

Where you can take ideas for your image: 

- Cinema. Choose an image of an actor which feels close to you. Add your individual characteristics to the image;

- Fashion. You can’t become stylish just by blindly copying the trendy type. At the same time, you shouldn’t neglect fashion trends. Otherwise, you will look old-fashioned and gloomy. Every season add some fashion details to your look - interesting combination of colors, fashionable accessories, original things;

- Everyday life. You can borrow ideas from anywhere. Instead of placing the custom essay order online, use the Internet to its fullest and get into the trend. What’s more important is to make the process creative, making it with a certain amount of humor.

     Don’t be afraid to experiment, follow fashion lines and love yourself, create a beautiful walk. Also, don’t forget about grace and charm. Be convinced that your posture, makeup look perfect. Your style is a harmonious combination of many factors that dependent solely on you.

Author's Bio:
Written by Robert Everett, a freelance writer currently based in Chicago. Solving students career and university problems. His interest includes having interest in marketing and business.

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