Feature: Pure Marula Oil by John Paul Selects

Thursday, June 16, 2016

     I've tried different beauty oils in the past. They're not the common 'oil' that we use during our childhood days. I call them beauty oils because of the beautifying benefits they give. I presume you've heard a type or two. Beauty oils come in many forms- it can be pure liquid, solid (inside a capsule), mixed with solid skin care products like soap and scrub or with another liquid products like shampoos, conditioners, and lotions.

     Beauty oils have different functions and the common denominator- they are widely use in the skin care department. Have you tried beauty oils before? I use beauty oil/s to moisturize dry skin, to treat and tame frizzy hair, or to make my skin glowing. Now, there's another use that I've recently discovered- it can also be used as sunscreen! Wanna know what beauty oil is this? Presenting... Pure Marula Oil! Know more about Marula Oil by John Paul Selects below and discover the benefits that you'll surely like :)
Feature: Pure Marula Oil by John Paul Selects
     Want to protect your skin from sun damage without worrying about the toxicity of commercial sunscreens? Now, you can with the new Pure Marula Oil! Unlike other sunscreen products that may contain toxic substances that are harmful for your skin, Pure Marula Oil is completely free of preservatives, synthetics and parabens. It is made from 99% marula oil that provides superior and longer lasting hydration for your skin and 1% blend of natural essential oils that give a light and natural scent. 
Feature: Pure Marula Oil by John Paul Selects
     Will I be saying good bye to my favorites- Argan and Macadamia Oils? After reading the benefits, I can say that I'm impressed not only in the sun protection department but also in minimizing fine lines. Oh, it's also an anti-aging oil, so I'll say hooray for now! 

Pure Marula Oil benefits:

  • This oil is ideal for skin hydration and restoration.
  • Pure Marula Oil has 60% more antioxidants than Argan Oil and is more powerful in fighting free radicals that cause pre-mature skin aging. 
  • Its high content of fatty acids like Omega 6 & 9 also makes for a superior anti-aging treatment that plump up skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines.
  • Pure Marula Oil is also best for treating sunburn and soothing skin redness, swelling and irritation. Packed with healing and reparative ingredients, it penetrates quickly into your skin without leaving residue.
  • Ideal for all skin types, works well even if you have very oily skin. 
  • It is non-comedogenic and does not result in clogged and enlarged pores, minimizing the greasy look and after-feel especially in the sweltering heat.
  • With its high antioxidant level, lightning-fast absorption, satin finish, and delicate essential oil scent, Pure Marula Oil is your ultimate, all-natural multi-benefit age-defyer and sun protection essential. 
  • Did I say it's also an anti-aging oil? Yes, it is! It hydrates, firms, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. (I can't wait to add this to my skin care regimen)
Feature: Pure Marula Oil by John Paul Selects
size: 30 ml 

price: 2, 980 php (Around $64.22+)

place bought: Free
Available at the beauty section of the SM Stores in SM Aura, SM Makati, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa and SM Mall of Asia 

instructions for use: Use Pure Marula Oil as part of your daily sun protection and rehydration treatment for your face and body. For best results, apply it every day and night or frequently as needed. It can also be used as product booster. Simply add 2-3 drops of Pure Marula Oil to your cleanser, beauty mask and foundation to boost their skincare benefits. The satiny, matte finish of Pure Marula Oil also makes for a great make-up primer.
Feature: Pure Marula Oil by John Paul Selects
     I'm still using another kind of beauty oil when my skin needs an extra boost. But for now, I'll try this Pure Marula Oil by John Paul Selects not only as sunscreen but as my daily moisturizer. I will update you dearies after three to four weeks. Stay tuned and crossing-fingers that it will work like magic. I also heard that it's a fave among celebrities like Lucy Torres-Gomez and Liz Uy. 

Have you tried Marula Oil before? 

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  1. marula oil as sunscreen? no burning?

    1. Hi,

      I've only tried it for two weeks and during that time I did not experience burning.


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