Feature: Thiocell Premium Glutathione

Friday, March 04, 2016

     Glutathione is one famous whitening supplement that sells like hot cakes here in our country. Today, there are different preparations or type of glutathione- it can be topical, oral, intravenous, and the sublingual. If you're into skin whitening, I presume that you have tried the first three that I've mentioned above. These are all easily accessible in the market and in different dermatology clinics today. First time glutathione users always have a question in mind and it's all about the effectiveness of the brand they're taking.

     Well, if you're a a long time oral glutathione user and wants to try another form then it’s time to wake up to whiter, brighter and more radiant skin with Thiocell, the first and only glutathione supplement in lozenge form. Sharing with you a more information about the product that promises to help you achieve that radiant glow you’ve always wanted! More about Thiocell- the premium glutathione that truly delivers below :)
Feature: Thiocell Premium Glutathione 
Thiocell Glutathione

  • Thiocell is the medical breakthrough patented by Dr. Theodore Hersh, a renowned professor of the Emory University School of Medicine, who has over 20 patents under his name in the development of glutathione and selenium products. 
  • After years of research and clinical study, he discovered a newer, safer, and more effective way for the body to absorb and use glutathione.
  • It is well known that glutathione offers countless benefits. Not only does it help in skin whitening, it also boosts your immune system,enabling the body to fight off free radicals and prevents further damage at the cellular level, which causes skin aging. 
  • Proven to be the more superior product in the market, Thiocell is the first and only oral glutathione in lozenge form. 
  • It is clinically proven to reduce pigmentation and achieve healthier, brighter and more beautiful skin in as early as 2 weeks. 
  • The secret to Thiocell’s outstanding performance lies in three key fundamentals: the GCS synergy, Lozenge delivery, and the science of premium whitening.
Feature: Thiocell Premium Glutathione 
Php 2,600 30 Tabs per bottle good for 1 month use
GCS Synergy

  • Thiocell is formulated using a safe but potent combination of L-Glutathione, Vitamin C and L-Selenomethionine. 
  • This synergistic balance of key ingredients not only primes the body to absorb glutathione more effectively, but encourages the natural production of more glutathione in the body. 
  • Enjoy double benefits of skin whitening, anti-aging, and an improved, healthy immune system. 
  • Thiocell also contains Vitamin D and Grapeseed Extract, which boost the clinical benefits of glutathione

Lozenge Form for Optimal Absorption

     Other products may claim to be equal because they each contain 500mg of glutathione, but how much of it is really absorbed in the body? Thiocell differentiates itself in this aspect, promising optimal absorption, through its unique and more effective method of glutathione delivery– Lozenge form. 

     The grape-flavored lozenge is dissolved in the oral cavity and can be consumed safely. Since Thiocell is absorbed through the oral cavity, all the active ingredients enter the systemic circulation intact, and that ensures highest efficacy.

     “Unlike Thiocell, glutathione capsules lose much of its potency because when a capsule is ingested, it goes through several metabolic processes and passes through several organs like the stomach and intestines in the digestive tract. With Thiocell, the glutathione dissolves immediately in your mouth and is directly absorbed into the body through the oral cavity. This in effect reduces the damaging oxidative stress on organs,” adds Ramesh. Fast and effective, you are assured that nothing of the 500 mg of glutathione goes to waste.
Feature: Thiocell Premium Glutathione 
Director and COO of Brady Pharma Dr. Ramesh Krishnamurthy
What the experts have to say with Thiocell

  • Thiocell is indeed an exceptional product, and has been clinically proven to be more effective. 
  • No longer are you wasting essential nutrients that are lost in metabolism, and no longer will you need to suffer painful injections and bruising caused by IV glutathione injections. 
  • You can achieve a healthier, more radiant glow safely and quickly. 

Feature: Thiocell Premium Glutathione 
Thank you to these dermatologists who enlightened us about Thiocell during the event.
   In the clinical study* conducted in the Philippines, which tested the efficacy of Thiocell in Filipino women, the results were far more convincing because patients experienced skin lightening in as early as two weeks. Thiocell undoubtedly delivers.  
     By end of 8th week, 100% of patients reported lighter and brighter skin. Even on the cellular level, the Mexameter readings (a tool used to measure the color of the skin) showed a significant reduction in melanin production and pigmentation. The studies also confirmed that Thiocell is safe for long-term use. 
     Supported by science, confirmed by doctors - Thiocell is, indeed, the more trusted product when it comes to achieving whiter, brighter and more beautiful skin. * CLINICAL STUDY: *International Journal of Dermatology 2016, 55, 153–157
     I've learned a lot during the event from the doctors and the makers behind Thiocell. They've answered some of the questions that I have in mind when it comes to taking oral glutathione supplements. I'm relieved to hear from the dermatologists that taking glutathione is not only for whitening purposes. It still depends on the lifestyle of an individual if the product will be effective or not. Take this simple example: You're taking oral glutathione but you are always under the sun and you don't wear sunblock, then it simply defeats the purpose. 

Thiocell is a product of Brady Pharma
Available in Watsons nationwide and can be purchased through www.lazada.com
Like them on Facebook: ThiocellUSA

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  1. Looks like a promising product. Would want to try it for myself, only that I'm breastfeeding.

    1. Hi msbolin,

      Yes, it looks promising. The dermatologists invited during the event also said that it's safe for breastfeeding.

  2. hi miss k good day! which would you recommmend best ishigaki premium? or nuwhite? or vitawhite and vita 3 in 1? or thiocell? and what is the most effective whitening lotion and soap and sunblock that is not pricey? thanks and God Bless

    1. Hi Jessica,

      I will recommend the products that I've tried na. Ishigaki Premium and marerecommend ko. Hindi ko pa na-try yung vitawhite and vita 3 in 1. I haven't finished taking Thiocell and will think if irereview ko. I cannot say it's the most effective soap kasi madami akong gusto na soap na pina-uulit ulit ko lang gamitin. Belo, Cosmo Skin, Snoe, halos lahat ng nagamit ko na whitening soap okay naman. Sa lotion naman Belo, Nivea, Celeteque. Sa sublock Belo gamit ko sa body. Biore sa face.

  3. Hi Kat, among feedback mo Sa thiocell after a month of using the product. Thanks

    1. Hi Juhn,

      Did not take it. Gave it to my sister kasi that's why I don't have a review yet of this product.

  4. hi kat what happened sa sister mo after taking Thiocell?

    1. Hi,

      She just took it for a week kasi she can't tolerate the sour taste.

    2. Hi po..
      Can i drink two times in one night and morning ng thiocell.pwede rin po ba isabay ang 4G antioxidant sa gabi ko naman sya iinumin o d kaya naman ang myra e 400IU ang inumin ko sa gabi and sa morning ay thiocell alin po ang maganda sa dalawa myra e o 4G ang partner ko sa thiocell sorry po dami kong tanong hehe

    3. Hi,

      Pwede naman ang twice a day sa Thiocell kaya lang mahal kasi. Yung Thiocell hindi kasi iniinom, you have to let it melt sa pagitan ng mouth sa cheeks. Yes, pwede naman sabayan ng mga supplements. Better if Myra-E for me kasi hindi pa ko naka-try ng 4G so no comparison on that. A

  5. Pwd po ba talaga cya s breastfeeding moms ?


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