YiLinker 'All in One Market Place' Launch

Friday, February 12, 2016

     Do you know that there's a new marketplace online that will take care of everything you need? YiLinker is the place to be! I presumed that you've experienced online shopping in your life by now because there are many players in this rising industry. YiLinker is the newest player in the e-Commerce industry and just like Zalora and Lazada you can buy things from them online, be an affiliate BUT beyond what both have to offer!

     YiLinker was launched last December 12 here in the country and it is not only an online shop selling all the stuff that you need. They also give a chance to individuals who want to set-up an online business who doesn't have a capital. More details about YiLinker below :)
YiLinker 'All in One Market Place' Launch
     YiLinker it is the newest entrant to the local e-commerce industry. They are setting themselves apart by revolutionizing the online shopping business with a unique value proposition for merchants and its affiliates. During the launch, Mr. Nelson Liao explained everything to us. Whether you are an avid fan of online shopping, or someone who has a midas touch and wanted to make profit online but cringe because of capital, YiLinker will be there to help!
YiLinker 'All in One Market Place' LaunchMr. Nelson Liao- CEO of YiLinker
YiLinker works for both online buyers and sellers and here's a simple information for both:

  • Yilinker will give you a chance to earn income by joining their affiliate program.
  • No capital required! You just have to submit all the requirements they need and attend the seminar. 
  • These requirements are important because everything in YiLinker undergo the legal process so no need to worry about scams online, right?
  • YiLinker will also provide ample training to its Affiliates, help them with marketing strategies and provide support and assistance in categorizing and pricing their products. All you have to do is to promote the products well via your social media sites!
  • Your business will be connected to the world because of their unique affiliate program. By partnering with thousands of affiliates who will promote products to various social media platforms, YiLinker provides businesses with better exposure and much higher revenue potential. With the YiLinker Affiliate Program, merchants only need to provide their products with the best price and thousands of affiliates will be the one to promote them via social media.
  • The most exciting part is that if you want to be an affiliate, you don't need to spend a single centavo to start your online business and gain passive income. No marketing fees, no maintenance costs, no hidden charges.
  • Affiliates do not have to worry about fulfillment and delivery as YiLinker offers end-to-end service from pick and pack to after sales and customer support. 
  • YiLinker Affiliates can earn up to 60% commission on net profit of each transaction while enjoying a quick, easy, and real-time payout system where you can check and withdraw your earnings anytime, anywhere.

     I made a little shopping at the YiLinker website. Since our 10-year old air conditioner is acting up and looks like it will give up on us anytime soon, I've decided to buy a new one. YiLinker's website is easy to navigate and has a wide array of products.
YiLinker 'All in One Market Place' Launch
     Ordering is a breeze, it's like the regular online shop where you just browse for product/s that you want to buy, put them in your shopping cart, choose your payment option, and wait for your purchased item/s to be delivered straight to your doorsteps by their YiLinker Express.
YiLinker 'All in One Market Place' Launch
YiLinker Express
     My order arrived safe and sound! Kudos to the delivery team who asked for my identification card because they wanted to make sure that I'm the one who'll be receiving the time I've ordered. It's a nice gesture to avoid package theft which I experienced before. After the receiving process, the delivery guy took a photo of me for documentation. It will not be posted online so don't worry! Hahaah!
YiLinker 'All in One Market Place' Launch
Carrier Optima
     Thank you so much YiLinker Philippines for having me and for my new ac. If you're planning to become an affiliate, just visit their website and you can see there important things you need to know. For online shopping fans, visit the YiLinker website because aside from the amazing deals they're offering, they also have flash sales, promotions, and giveaways.

Star your business online now and become a Yilinker affiliate!
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