Pacsafe for a Smart and Safe Travel

Sunday, December 13, 2015

     Whenever I go to events, I always make sure that I bring all the essentials in my bag. I'm used to carrying big shoulder or tote bags where all my things are packed. I have the basics inside my bag- planner, umbrella, makeup kit, wallet, coin purse, mobile phones, and identification cards. These things are important to me especially my mobile phones and identification cards. I know some of you will suggest to bring only a few from my list above because there will be instances where an unfortunate event can happen any time.

     I always ride the mrt going to events and I'm aware that those unfortunately events may arise any time like losing my belongings from snatchers and thieves. Since all the things that I use for work (blogging) are inside my bag, I also need to protect them from the forces of evil. The solution to my fear of losing the things that's important to me is to invest in a bag that's strong, durable, and cannot be destroyed easily by using sharp objects. Enter Pacsafe, the brand that will protect your precious belongings not just while on vacation but each time you step out of the house, with Pacsafe’s innovative range of bags and travel accessories that are also perfect for everyday use. More information about the brand below. 
Pacsafe for a Smart and Safe Travel 
     Best known as every global traveler’s best mate in smart travel, Pacsafe’s heritage has always been anchored in delivering innovative travel products that makes use of unique award-winning, anti-theft technology.
Pacsafe for a Smart and Safe Travel 
These are the reason why you should invest in Pacsafe bags and travel gear:

  • Pacasafe core values is ‘no one deserves to get ripped off’ 
  • Pacsafe continues to evolve both through its technology and designs. 
  • Not only are Pacsafe products engineered and tested to thwart thieves and stand up to the rigors of travel, but they’re also simple and stylish enough for everyday use. 
  • Whether you’re traveling to and from work, hanging out with your friends or catching some rays at the sandy beach, there’s always a Pacsafe product for everyone and every situation.
  • At the heart of every Pacsafe® product is one clear purpose - to help travellers outsmart thieves. By helping to keep their gear secure, we give them the confidence and peace of mind to do more and enjoy more.
  • Not only are our products engineered and tested to thwart thieves and stand up to the rigors of travel, they're simple and stylish enough for everyday use. Making Pacsafe bags unquestionably the right choice from the best in anti-theft.
Pacsafe for a Smart and Safe Travel
Carrysafe® slashguard strap
Flexible, lightweight, stainless steel wire is integrated into our adjustable Carrysafe®straps making it invisible to the eye, yet very effective at helping to prevent bag slashers from slicing through and running off with your gear.
     The brand’s extensive lineup of products ranges from RFID wallets and organizers, body wallets and belts, backpack and bag protectors, packable bags, straps and extenders, RFID body wallets and belts, locks and cables, portable safes, backpacks, sling bags, travel backpacks, laptop and tablet bags, duffels, shoulder and cross body, handbags and totes, wheeled duffels and so much more. 
Pacsafe for a Smart and Safe Travel
eXomesh® slashguards
Bag slashers target outside fabric panels of bags (front, bottom or side), which cause valuables to fall out and into the palm of their hands. Our lightweight slashguards are built into (and concealed) in the most vulnerable areas of the bag, helping to protect your gear from a quick slash-and-run theft. Our eXomesh® protection in our luggage extends the full length of the bag helping to protect your gear from opportunistic theft or if it's snagged in transit.
Pacsafe for a Smart and Safe Travel
These wallets have RFIDsafe™ blocking pockets & material
Most passports and credit cards contain a RFID micro-chip, which contains all your personal, sensitive information. Identity thieves are able to access this information from up to 10ft away with the help of an RFID reader. Our award-winning RFIDsafe™ blocking material helps to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands by blocking out virtually all transmissions between 10 MHz - 3 GHz, which covers the radio frequency used in most e-passports and credit cards.
     And because the 'laglag bala' incident at NAIA became the problem of all travelers recently-foreign or nationals are thinking of ways on protecting their luggage and travel bags. Good thing that Pacsafe has bags that is dubbed as 'anti-laglag bala.' If you love travelling but worrying about the safety of your travel gears, you should visit their store now and check the bag models you see below. 
Pacsafe for a Smart and Safe Travel
Smart zipper security
Zipper pullers can be attached to discreet security hooks or placed under and through a secure tab to help prevent pickpockets reaching into your bag.
Turn & lock security hooks
These small smart devices pack a whole lot of intelligence. The hook unfastens so that you can attach your bag to a secure fixture. What's more, the smart hook has a special turning mechanism which actually locks the hook in place making it harder for a bag snatcher to make an easy getaway.
     During the blog con, Pacsafe's marketing manager Mr Eros Enriquez introduced to us the models of Pacsafe bag that is perfect for your travel needs. He also demonstrated to us how safe those important belongings will be inside a Pacsafe bag. He also gave us first dibs on the new collection that will be launched early next year. The bag that I'm wearing on the first photo above is one of the bags in their newest collection. 
Pacsafe for a Smart and Safe Travel 
Pacsafe for a Smart and Safe Travel 
     Pacsafe sees itself as every traveler’s best mate or buddy as they promise to have everyone covered so they can get the most out of every journey. Thank you so much Pacsafe for having me and for sharing tips on how to be a smart traveler everyday. Those tips will surely help me face my fear of pick pockets, snatchers, and thieves. And yes, it is important to invest in Pacsafe bags because it's always better be safe than sorry.

     Visit PACSAFE at Rustans Department Store, Duty Free Fiesta Mall, Fashionrack Designers Outlet, Wellworth Dept. Store, The SM Department Store, Robinsons Department Store, ROX, The Travel Club, Bratpack, Urbanize, The Landmark, The Metro Dept. Store, Tripologie, Boston Sports Lifestyle , Go Shop, Lee Super Plaza, I studio, Islands and More, NAIA Terminal 3, Lazada, and Flight 001. 

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  1. Nice bags there simple yet unique and durable thanks or sharing this tips on how to alert on everyday travel especially for those moms like me where my work is far from home and always need to ride in a bus that always full and most of the time you have to stand just to go home early..


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