Never Miss a Call Again with Libon App + Giveaway!

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

     My mother-in-law is an OFW. She always make sure to call us thrice a week. There were times that she wasn't able to reach us because of signal issues. We can't also blame her if there were instances in the past where weak signal leads to miscommunication and poor understanding of important details and stories from both sides.

     Since Christmas is just around the corner and families with members living abroad, good communication is very important. Saying Christmas greetings and holiday cheers should be loud and clear so you need to have excellent signal to have good quality of conversation over your smart phones. I recently discovered an app that will make sure I'll never miss an important call again. Libon App takes care of the out of signal range in the home, office or even on the underground. After browsing their site, I discovered their recent campaign 'Reach Me' in UK and I got intrigued so I decided to go to their website and study the app features. More details on Libon App below :)

Never Miss a Call Again with Libon App + Giveaway!
  • Survey* reveals 93% of people in the UK have experienced signal issues at some time
  • Over 80% of people would like to be able to place or receive calls whilst in the underground
  • With Libon’s new service ‘Reach Me’ launching in the UK today, you are always reachable even when you are out of mobile signal
  • Libon customers can use Reach Me abroad, thus reducing roaming charges

     At some point most of us have been out of mobile signal, (according to a survey* of 1000 respondents 93% of us have) and missed ‘that important call’. Or perhaps you’ve thought you were reachable but in fact you weren’t and people were unable to get in touch. Libon ‘Reach Me’, that was launched on UK last September goes a long way to solving the issue of missed mobile calls. Libon Reach Me is available in the UK on any Android phone on any network. Now, this app will be available in the Philippines and all you have to do is download it in your smartphones.

Never Miss a Call Again with Libon App + Giveaway!
     Are you at home or in the office and experiencing poor signal on your phone? Or are you travelling on the underground? It doesn’t matter – Reach Me from Libon uses Wi-Fi to allow its customers to place and receive calls as normal using their mobile number. It offers users the peace of mind that they are always reachable and will never miss a call again. 

     It’s not only in the UK where Libon can benefit users. Travelling abroad? With Libon, people can reduce their roaming charges on calls if they’re connected to Wi-Fi. When asked if they would consider using an app that allowed them to make and receive calls abroad without being charged, 94% of those surveyed said, yes. 

     Before we proceed, Libon App is a VoIP service provider and the subsidiary of Orange Group. Since it's already Christmas, I know those who have relatives in other parts of the world would like to call them to say their wishes and greetings this holiday season. I encourage you to download and try the app, which offers very cheap calls to Philippines and from Philippines. You may try downloading the app here: Libon App Philippines

     Don't miss a call again and enjoy free calls using the Libon App. Why you should download the Libon App? Here are the exciting features that you should not miss...

Never Miss a Call Again with Libon App + Giveaway!

Reach Me – never miss a call again
     Whether you're experiencing poor mobile coverage at home, in the office or even the tube, it doesn’t matter – Libon now uses Wi-Fi to allow people to place and receive calls as normal using their mobile number. 

Calls around the world
     ‘Libon Out’ feature allows you to make cheap calls around the world to landlines or mobiles via the app’s in-app purchase option Enjoy crystal clear voice quality to connect with the people closest to you.

Free unlimited calls between Libon users
     Enjoy free and unlimited crystal clear HD-quality voice calls when calling someone else with the Libon app, wherever you might be on Wi-Fi or 3/4G (operator may apply data charges).

Never Miss a Call Again with Libon App + Giveaway!

Customized voicemail
     If you’re looking for a great visual voicemail solution, Libon is the app for you. View all messages received at a glance and listen to them in any order. And for when it’s not convenient, there’s no need to listen to voice messages, Libon converts voice messages into text.

A voicemail to impress your friends and work colleagues
     The next time a friend calls you and you are not available, how about they get a message greeting that is personal to them? You can be as creative as you like, and it’s a lot of fun. Or what about those important businesses call you missed? The person calling you feels very special when they hear you value their call. It makes a difference.

Open Chat
     Instant message with any contact without having to worry about which messaging app they use.

Free instant messaging
     Libon’s instant messaging allows users to share texts, pictures, audio and video messages as well as locations.

     The first truly global voice offering. No matter where you are in the world, Libon makes voice communication convenient and accessible for all. Great news! Libon App wants to make your holiday season merry and bright.

     For the GIVEAWAY, they're giving a gift pack including 1000 minute free calls (worth €19.99) For this, they will need your phone number as they will activate the pack for that particular number manually. I'll use the to select the winners. Download the app now and let me know what you think on the comment section below and say something about Libon App including your name and email address. 

Libon is available as a free download from Google Play
 Libon is available to download free for iOS and Android.

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