5 Gift Ideas for Men this Christmas

Monday, November 23, 2015

     And it's thirty days to go before Christmas, I'm still narrowing down the list of things that men, including my brothers, brother-in-laws, father, and my husband would love to receive this Christmas. Since I only have a month left, I need to look for alternatives that will make shopping for gifts hassle-free this yuletide season.

     The most convenient way of shopping for me now is online shopping. I can sit back, relax, and enjoy while shopping at the comforts of our home. So before I go online shopping for the remaining days and weeks, I want to share with you the gift ideas that I have in mind so that you will not worry and have second thoughts on what to buy online. Scroll down, please!
5 Gift Ideas for Men this Christmas
     There are so many online stores that offer huge discounts and other promotions. I've been visiting several online shops last week and found five items that I'm sure will make the receiver happy and special once you give him one of these on the 25th!

1. Watch

     I think it's a no brainer that men's most favorite accessories of all time are watches. This kind of accessory makes their outfit complete. Whatever kind of outfit they wear, a watch is an important part of it. I was looking for a unique and trendy style of watches online and found one in my favorite online shop- ZALORA.
5 Gift Ideas for Men this Christmas
     Zalora's been a favorite online shopping destination. I've bought a few items from them in the past and I love the smooth transaction and fast shipping. Check out this gorgeous watch collection from Valentino at ZALORA. I was amazed that they're offering this brand now. Lots of styles and collection especially for men plus some of the items have discounts too. The photos above are my favorites from the collection. These are affordable watches that have unique and elegant designs.

2. Perfume

     Another gift item that men would love to receive based on my experience with the males in the family. They were excited when a random family friend gave them colognes and perfumes when they arrived from overseas last year. There are so many perfume brands in the market today so finding the right scent will be a little tricky but easy. Most guys prefer aquatic and musky scent. To make sure that you'll be giving the right scent for him, you can ask them a random question about perfumes and what they like. For sue they'll e surprised to receive a bottle on Christmas day. Hubby's current fave are Burberry Brit Splash and Issey Miyake L'eau d'Issey Pour Homme
5 Gift Ideas for Men this Christmas
images from fragrantica.com 
3. Sling Bag

     This fashion item is becoming a favorite and a must-have for men these days. If my memory serves me right, some men prefer not to bring a small bag when strolling at the mall or grocery shopping with the family. They just want to keep their wallet inside their pocket and hold their mobile phones. But today, I've seen men sporting sling bags in different sizes and shapes. Hubby received a sling bag last year that's been used and abused already. 
5 Gift Ideas for Men this Christmas
image from amazon.co.uk

4. Shoes

     This gift item can be a bit expensive from the rest on the list but once received, a big smile on their faces will be seen. Who doesn't want to have a new pair of kicks this Christmas, right? Give them a new pair of Jordan shoes to add to their collection or let them change their style a bit and an Adidas Stan Smith will do the trick.
5 Gift Ideas for Men this Christmas
images from nike.com and adidas.com
5. Wallet

     This prolly one of the basics but giving him a wallet will instill a habit of saving money. One of my bothers don't own a decent wallet before and he is complaining that there were times he forgot where he put his bills. I discovered that he only owns a small coin purse and don't mind having a wallet. He insisted that as long there's a coin purse, there's a place for paper bills. Fast forward today, he realized that a foldable wallet is important. It's not only for money, some of his important identification cards can be placed inside too. He was able to save money too because once he placed a paper bill inside, he's thinking twice whether to spend it or not especially if the paper bills are new.
5 Gift Ideas for Men this Christmas
image from amazon.com
     That's it, hope you find inspiration on my list. It's not difficult to find these items on line and I'm sure you'll find one of the products I've mentioned above. Always remember that it's not the price tag that matters, what's important is the joy that you give in giving. The thought always counts! Happy shopping, dearies!

Will you consider one item that I listed above? Comment your thoughts below :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list, Kath. Mahirap talaga magbigay ng regalo sa guys. This is really helpful. I already bought a gift na for my boyfriend and it was tough since he doesn't like receiving shoes or clothes kasi iba talaga taste niya... Which I also don't approve of much. Hahaha! :D



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