Absolute Beauty Pamper Day at Davines Oi Oil Launch

Thursday, November 13, 2014

     When it comes to hair treatment, I always make sure that the product/s applied to my hair during the process will make my color-treated hair shinier, smooth and healthy looking. I can say that my hair had been through a lot of chemical treatments in the past. The abuse from hair coloring, hair styling tools and the simple combing and drying made my hair prone to dryness, dullness and breakage. Regular hair treatment products made my hair beautiful for only a short span of time that's why I need to invest in a revolutionary product that will give my locks not only in the external aspect of my hair strand needs (like shine, softness and color vibrancy) but also the restoring of internal structure to prevent ageing and breakage.

    A few weeks ago, I received an exclusive invitation from Davines Philippines- Davines Absolute Beauty Pamper Day. This event is for the launching of their latest hair care line Davines Oi Oil. I was intrigued because of the word "oil" and the claim. "worldwide cult favorite of international beauty editors and hair specialists. If you're a frequent visitor of this blog, I presume you've seen that I just had my Balyage Ombre hair color and my hair had been bleached in the process to achieve the Ombre style I chose. I said to myself that I must see and try that Davines Oi Oil because the product's claim sounds enticing, right? So without further ado, here's the feature of Davines Oi Oil and see the highlights of the event. Click CONTINUE READING and smile!
Absolute Beauty Pamper at Davines Oi Oil Launch 
Beauty from Nature and Technology, Davines redefines beauty. 
  • Nature is the source of inspiration for all our beauty ideas. Nature is harmonic, pure, and powerful. 
  • But the only way to take advantage of nature is through scientific research. 
  • Nature without technology is not progress and technology without nature is unsustainable. 
  • Sustainable progress: this is our guiding principle. 
  • Thus we use technology to seize the best nature can offer, and then optimize it, through creativity.
Absolute Beauty Pamper at Davines Oi Oil Launch 
     Davines hair care essentials are made in Italy. All their products are derived from nature so less harm to the hair and the environment. Davines Essential Haircare OI is a line of products conceived for an absolute beauty on all kinds of hair. All OI products contain roucou oil, a plant from Amazonia, also known as annatto. It has the following characteristics:
  • Very rich in beta-carotene (100 times more than carrots) it has a restructuring action on hair and favours its growth. 
  • Stimulates the producttion of melanin and considerably reduces cell damage from UV radiation, prevents ageing, maintains skin elasticity and is rich in trace elements. 
  • Rich in ellagic acid, known for its neutralizing powder against free radicals.
     During the event, I was introduced to the Oi Oil line. My hair was prepped by washing it with Oi Shampoo then Oi Conditioner was also applied. Both have this "spa-like" scent that is so relaxing and not overpowering. After the washing, my hair immediately have this soft and smooth texture feel.
Absolute Beauty Pamper at Davines Oi Oil Launch 
Davines Oil Shampoo
Absolute Beauty Pamper at Davines Oi Oil Launch 
Davines Oi Conditioner
Absolute Beauty Pamper at Davines Oi Oil Launch 
     After shampoo and conditioner, my hair was towel dried and ready for blow dry. Ah, the divine scent lingers! Next, the Oi All in One Milk was sprayed to my hair to seal in nutrients and to deeply nourish and condition my hair strands. It's a leave in multi-benefit spray!
Absolute Beauty Pamper at Davines Oi Oil Launch 
Davines All in One Milk
     It's blow dry time. What I noticed about my hair was it's weigh-less! It's very soft, smooth and shiny even if the Oi Oil was not yet applied. Oh the wonders of roucou oil! Before the oil was applied to my hair, I squeezed a pump of oi oil in both hands and touch the texture if it's sticky or greasy. I was surprised that when I rubbed my hands back and forth, the oil was quickly absorbed and it's velvety to touch. No oily or greasy feel at all!
Absolute Beauty Pamper at Davines Oi Oil Launch 
Davines Oi Oil
     My apologies for the blurry shot, my camera wasn't able to give justice on how shiny and vibrant my hair after the treatment. I highly recommend this hair care line. The Davines Oi Oil became an instant fave. Can't help touching my hair from time to time after trying it during the launch. 
Absolute Beauty Pamper at Davines Oi Oil Launch 
     Until now, I'm still using the Davines Oi Oil that I received during the launch. I use it everyday, damp or dry hair don't care as long as I applied 1-2 pumps of Oi Oil, my hair feels soft, smooth and shiny! A little goes a long way, so a bottle of 50 ml that I have is still half-full considering I use it everyday
Absolute Beauty Pamper at Davines Oi Oil Launch 
Absolute Beauty Pamper at Davines Oi Oil Launch 
     Thank you so much Davines Philippines and Vanity K salon for having me. I highly recommend Davines Essential Hair Care Oi Oil line! Finally, I can treat my hair any time I want. The Oi Oil is very easy to apply, no oiliness or greasiness even if I wash my hair after 2 days. 

To know more about Davines and where to buy their products visit their website www.davinesph.com
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  1. Love your hair. The Davines Oi/Oil looks pretty interesting. :) But I know it's kinda pricey

  2. Sayang I wasn't able to attend this event.. huhuhu.. Ang ganda ng hair mo after!!! looks super dulas!!! OMG!! <3 :)

  3. Oh wow! Your hair looks fab after that! :) I should avail of this soon cos my hair is kinda frizzy!


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