Product Review: Be Organic Aloe Jojoba Soap

Thursday, November 21, 2013

     Hello dearies! I'm back with another review. But this time I let my hubby use this soap for thirty days. If you're wondering why I made him as my guinea pig, well it's because the soap is suited for his skin type. The soap that I'm going to introduce today is suited for oily and irritated skin. I presume everyone knows that Aloe Vera is one of the most widely used skin care product that comes from nature even during the old times. I can still remember our Aloe Vera plant that my grandmother planted in her backyard. Whenever we go to her house for a vacation and my cousin's skin got irritated, she will pick a leaf of Aloe Vera, wash it and get the gel coming out of the leaf. It's amazing that the itchy irritated and red like skin patches become tamed after the application of the gel. 

     Going back to my review, this soap is really suited to individuals with oily and irritated skin. Combined with jojoba oil that also makes the skin nourished and moisturized, the soap is another moisturizer in a bar. Don't get me wrong if I tell you that oily skin needs to be moisturized too. If you'll do your research, most oily skin individuals need to use moisturizer to protect the layer of the skin thus minimizing the irritation and less production of sebum. Well according to the hubby, after using the soap on his oily face he noticed that his skin feels smooth to touch. When he uses the soap on his body that has dry patches, he said that the itchiness lessened after taking a bath. I do believe the things that he observed because I can see the improvement on his face and body. If you want to know more about our observation, click CONTINUE READING to find out. 
Be Organic Aloe Jojoba Soap
Jojoba helps control acne and oily skin, since excess sebum from the epidermis dissolves in jojoba. Combined with the healing Aloe to relieve itching, softens and replenishes skin.
Be Organic Aloe Jojoba soap is a natural handmade soap that contains natural ingredients, no dangerous chemicals, no parabens and no fillers.
  • Made with high quality natural and organic ingredients.
  • Helps solve/reduce skin problems like pimples, acne, dry skin and others.
  • Rich in natural glycerin to give you soft, smooth and healthy glowing skin.
  • No harmful chemicals.
Be Organic Aloe Jojoba Soap
Simple packaging, you'll read all the ingredients and everything you want to know about the soap at the back of the label.Sealed with another plastic to ensure freshness.
Be Organic Aloe Jojoba Soap
Since the hubby was the one who used the soap, I didn't cut it into half. It's better that way for him. Haha!
size: 110g

price: 80php ( Around $1.70+ )

place bought: Free
Available at  Sm Aura Premier Supermarket, Sesou Nature Source- Robinson's Place Manila G/F, Robinson's Galleria, Robinson's Magnolia 2nd Level, Alabang Town Center, Festival Supermall Alabang G/F, Glorietta G/F, Market Market, Trinoma G/F
EchoStore-Serendra Plaza G/F, The Podium, Centris Walk

instruction for use: use this soap for taking a bath. can be used both on face and body

ingredients: Safonified Oils (Coconut, Palm, Olive, Grapeseed), Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E and Essential Oils.

What I like:
  • It's organic!
  • The price- affordable.
  • The scent is not overpowering, there's a faint mint/menthol scent.
  • It's mild and gentle on le hubby's skin.
  • Lather's well.
  • According to him, the there's a bit of cooling sensation. I think it's because of the Aloe Vera extract that soothes irritated or burned skin.
  • This variant doesn't melt easily.
  • My hubby's skin became less oily.
  • Some dry patches on his skin became less itchy after taking a bath.
What I don't like:
  • Not easily accessible.
  • Doesn't have batch, manufacturing and expiry date.
     I give a 4.5/5 rating. I know that most of the soaps that I reviewed here are mostly whitening, brightening and anti-aging soap that's why this will be the first anti-acne soap that I'll recommend. Even though I rarely use the soap because I'm not that oily I can attest to the positive results of this soap on my hubby's skin. 

     For more updates and product information please like their Facebook pageBe Organic Bath and Body :) Have you tried Be Organic Soap? What's your favorite anti-acne soap? Thanks dearies!

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DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me by Be Organic Bath and Body for review. The views expressed here are my honest opinion about the product.


  1. This seems good! I've been having acne lately too, not too many though but! What I'm uncertain however is that it has no indication of expiry date, that's kind of important isn't it?:(

  2. I thought Aloe Vera is only for the hair. Now I know that it's also good for skin, especially for those oily and irritated ones.

    I hope I could try this too because I have oily skin. I wonder though if this is safe to use for the face. I think the face's skin is different from the body. Correct me if I'm wrong. Hehe. I have oily face and I want to lessen the oil my pores produce.

    Another good thing about this is that it is organic, meaning made of natural products, no harmful chemicals at all. I think we should all switch to organic products now.

    So sad that it's available on limited stores only, not even one is accessible to me.

  3. I like that it doesn't have too many ingredients. At least we won't be seeing unfamiliar terms. I thought that this would come a bit pricey, good thing that it's less than 90 pesos.

  4. @nadine- hello there, yes this will help you to lessen oil build up on your face. Yup, expiration date is important especially with organic skin care products as they tend to build molds faster than the soaps in the market today.

    @Mei- hello there, thank you so much for sharing your insights about aloe vera and your skin condition as of the moment. Yes, this is safe for the face and will help you control with oiliness. I hope they will have more distributors so that it will be accessible to everyone.

    @Style and Glow- Yes, it's good that most of the ingredients are purely organic and it's very affordable.

  5. Yes, I am aware that aloe vera is good for irritated skin. I mostly use it for my scalp if I have dandruff and scrapes on my skin. But for face, I always use Green Tea soap.

  6. I would love to try this out. I'm always game to try organic products because I know they're safe to use because of their ingredients :)

  7. I have times when my skin is oily. I should try this one.

  8. I never tried any organic soap for oily skin. I will recommend this to my bro, this is what he needs. Great Review Ms.Kath :D

  9. this sounds promising as i suffer from oily skin and not acne. shame i wont be able to have access to it


  10. This looks like a great product. I love menthol. It makes my skin feel so tingly & clean.

  11. i love aloe anything so this is really awesome! :D i wonder if we have it here! thanks for sharing <3

  12. @ yay! it's good to know that you're open to try organic products.

    @Franc Ramon- yes, I highly recommend this brand and variant sir.

    @Leilani Gamboa- thanks. your brother should try this.

    @Nicol- hello there, aww to bad you won't be able to try this. hope you can try one in the future perhaps.

    @I'm pooped- yay! As for me, I have a love hate relationship with menthol because it gave me shivers whenever I'm using it in my body specially when the weather is cold.

    @Charmaine Manansala- hope you can try one :) Aloe lovers will surely love this variant.

  13. That aloe jojoba soap looks very promising! I am quite into soaps and I love trying out new things. Thank you for sharing, I'd definitely check this one out.

  14. @Angela Ricardo- yes the product looks very promising, hope you can check this one out. Thanks

  15. wow!!! I find this product good and it seems like effective.. I love organic product.

  16. @Rhea Liza Munoz- yep, this product is effective.


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