Product Review: SOPHIA Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia Olsen

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

     SOPHIA Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia Olsen is one of the best gifts that I've received this year. We all want to have luscious, thicker and fuller lashes, right? I'm one of those girls who weren't blessed to have a semi-doll like or doll like lashes. Having thin, sparse and short lashes makes my eyes look expressionless. As always, my last resort to add oomph and drama to my lashes would be mascaras. I never use falsies on a daily basis and haven't experienced eyelash extensions just to make my lashes look primped. For me, both are time consuming and having lash extensions requires time and effort to go to salons and a very expensive to maintenance. So when this baby arrived on our doorsteps last May, it's like a dream come true! 

     I'm sure you've read beauty bloggers thoughts and heard you tube gurus shared their insights about SOPHIA Eyelash Enhancer. I've also seen three reviews from BDJ Box Beauty Ministry and all of the ladies who used the product saw significant results after two months of using it religiously at night. I started using the product last May 18 and ended August 01, 2013. I apply it religiously every night, consuming one bottle for an approximate of 2 months and a half. So before I share my review, here are important information about the product.
SOPHIA Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia Olsen
      SOPHIA Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia Olsen For fuller, longer and more luscious lashes! By applying Sophia once everyday you will achieve the beautiful eyelashes you have been dreaming of! As early as 8 weeks, you will begin to notice considerable changes in the length and thickness of your eyelashes. However, full results will be achieved within a 16-week period when you will experience full growth of your lashes.

        Upon reaching the 16th week you may decrease the frequency of application as desired. 2-3 times a week thereafter is recommended but you can still continue to use it daily if so desired. Please note that if use is discontinued, lashes will go back to their original form before you started using the product.
  • Those desiring to improve their looks by having longer and thicker eyelashes.
  • Chemotherapy patients who lost their eyelashes in the course of treatment.
  • Adults who have no medical condition (of the eye).
  • 16 years of age or older who want to enhance their eyelashes for cosmetic purposes.
     Do's and Don't's 
  • DO- Use this for cosmetic purpose only.
  • DO- Discard 2 months after opening the bottle.
  • DON'T- Apply on lower eyelids or any part of the body.
  • DON'T- Instill inside the eyes or ingest.
  • DON'T USE- If you have an existing eye disease or infection.
  • EYELID PIGMENTATION- Eyelid pigmentation or darkening can occur on the lid frequently applied with Sophia Eyelash Enhancer but this is reversible upon discontinuation of use.
  • HAIR GROWTH OUTSIDE THE TREATMENT AREA- Hair may grow in the areas near the eyelids which is frequently in contact with Sophia Eyelash Enhancer that's why it is important to blot out the excess liquid that drips outside the eyelids from each application.
SOPHIA Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia Olsen
The kit includes: 5ml bottle of Sophia Eyelash Enhancer, instruction manual and a reusable brush applicator.
SOPHIA Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia Olsen
Sophia Eyelash Enhancer and the applicator
size: 5ml

price: 899 php Discounted Price/Summer Promo (Around $20.50+)
2,750 php Regular Price (Around $62.90+)

place bought: Free
please visit to place your orders

instructions for use: 1. Wash eyes removing all make up and other impurities. If you are wearing contact lenses, remove also contact lenses.
2. Place a drop of Sophia Eyelash Enhancer in the cap. Dip the applicator brush in the cap and apply directly to the skin at the base of the eyelid like applying eyeliner.
3. Apply on one eyelid then on the other eyelid. You can do so repeatedly until you use up all the solution in the cap.
4. Blot out all the excess liquid dripping outside the eyelid area to avoid the growth of hair in unwanted area.
5. Wash the cap with soap and water, wipe dry then replace the cap on the bottle. Screw tightly and store bottle in cool and dry place. until your next use.
6. Wash the applicator brush with warm soapy water, wipe dry with clean tissue, cover with the cap provided. Make sure that the brush is dry before replacing the cover.
ingredients:  All natural botanicals--Apple Stem Cells, Pomegranate seed oil, Vitamin E oil, Castor oil, Olive oil, Sweet almond oil, Omega 3 fatty acids, Moroccan Argan Oil and walnut oil
SOPHIA Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia Olsen
Here's my left eyelashes months ago before using the Sophia Eyelash Enhancer. This photo was taken around March. From then on, my lash length remains the same from April to May. I already applied concealer and bb cream on my eyelids and under eye hence, my eye area is bright and even toned.
SOPHIA Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia Olsen
Photo taken today, BARE FACE: No foundation, concealer or bb cream. You can see my discolored eyelids here but look at my lashes!!! Let the photo do the talking ^_^
What I like:
  • It's made of organic ingredients mostly beautifying oils.
  • Very easy to use.
  • The kit includes everything you need like the applicator.
  • It discloses what I should expect upon using the product. It's a positive thing for me because I will not be surprised if something wrong went on during the application. 
  • A little goes a long way.
  • It made my lashes longer, fuller and thicker.
  • Unscented.
  • Doesn't give my eyes allergic reactions or irritations.
  • The product's batch number, manufacturing and expiry date is printed on the bottle.
What I don't like:
  • Made my eyelids and under eye area darker than the usual. It's really dark and very noticeable. But according to the instruction manual, it will subside once you stop using the product.
  • Can be a bit expensive when you buy this on its regular price. 
Will I repurchase? Yes, it's in the realm of possibility. I'm still not satisfied with the volume of my lashes.

     I give this a 5/5 rating. I gave it a perfect score because other than the lengthening and volumizing effect it's made of organic ingredients. I know that the regular price is way too expensive for cheapskates like me but a bottle will last for approximately 2 to 3 months. If I'll do the math, it's fairly priced especially for a very effective product. The results are amazing! I highly recommend this product!

     What are your lashes dilemma? Anyone who tried Sophia Eyelash Enhancer? Please comment below and share your experience!

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  1. wow! I can see the difference! this seems like an amazing product!! ^_~

  2. I also have an eyelash enhancer here that I have yet to try. It's from a different brand, though. Sana lang walang discoloration na maganap. My undereyes are dark as it is na, ayoko na madagdagan pa, hahaha!

    But this product really does wonders ha! :)

  3. This product has been sitting in my room for the past few months. You have convinced me to finally start using it. Miracle worker!!! :)

  4. wow effective nga!!!! would love to try this!!!!

  5. wow! you can really see the effect! I gave this away for my commenter of the month last month, i hope the winner will see such results too

  6. This is what i expect from SOPHIA products :) Very huge difference.

  7. @Janet- yup sis, amazing noh?!

    @Sam Lanuza- Yay, diba obvious na may eyelashes na ko? Dati dapat more than 5 coats ng mascara para maging obvious. Try na, wait tayo ng sale :) Bibile pa kasi ako ulit

    @Czjai Reyes- Ocampo- wow, excited ako sis sa review mo if ever na gagamitin mo na yun. I hope walang discoloration. Yes, this does wonders talaga!

    @Wonder Woman- use your Sophia na sis, let's see the effect on your lashes din :) Miracle worker indeed!

    @rovidear- yup!!! try this dear :)

    @Le-an Lacaba- thanks :)

    @Zwitsal Mae Yuson- yes, it's very effective. hope the winner sis will share a before and after photo para makita din natin yung results sa eyelashes nya :)

    @Sheela Marie Castillo- indeed!

  8. Oh my..Now thats really effective! Love it!

  9. Wow at your longer and fuller lashes!!! <3 I have super thin upper lashes and almost non-existent lower lashes. Sayang lang it's not allowed to be placed on the lower lashes. Anyway, I'll give this a try some time soon. I've actually been considering to have lash extensions eh. I think this is more inexpensive and lower maintenance in the long run.

  10. wht do u think is more effective.. this one or the one from ez shop? i also have short eyelashes kase. i wanna have that eyelashes of christine reyes. hahaha! nangarap

  11. ang galing sis! di ko nagagagamit ng tuluy tuloy ung akin eh :( senior moment much haha

  12. @aimee kheir- yes sis, effective!!!

    @Sumi Go- Yey, madami na nga nakakapansin na humaba and kumapal talaga. Don't worry, may pag-asa pa yung lashes mo. Yup, medyo mahal eyelash extension saka hirap mag maintain according to my cousin na naka eyelash extension.

    @Janine Daquio- hello, I'm not familiar with the one sa EZ shop sis that's why I can't give an idea which one ang mas effective. Give this try :)

    @earthlingorgeous- you better use it na mother. Naku, mas gaganda ka nyan :)

  13. It really does look effective, but what about allergic reactions?

    I've read in another blog that she had to stop using the product due to the redness and swelling at the area where she applied the ayelash enhancer.

    nonetheless, thanks for this

  14. wow,i seen a big difference.dpo b mahirap iapply and dpo ba b2lik sa dati kapag discontinue use if i achieve my desire eyelashes

  15. @Phya- I didn't experienced allergic reactions while using the product. In some cases, individuals with history of eye infections and other problems should consult their opta first to be sure.

    @sherry ann gole cruz- yes there's a big difference. About naman kung babalik sa dati, not sure pa sis. Pero it's written on the product's insert na it's possible na mag return sa dating length yungl lashes once you stop using it. In my case, hindi pa naman :)

  16. i have heard about this for quite a while but never got a chance to try them since we don't have Virginia Olsen here in our place :(

  17. @melandria romera- hello, the product is sold online dear. Visit if you want to order :)

  18. I really love this product kahit di ko pa sya natry. At first, I thought its price is around 200php but I was wrong!! Super expensive. I have short eyelashes lang kasi and I want it to be more longer until I discovered this product. And at first, akala ko hindi sya ganun ka effective but when Isaw Ana V's and your review, I got amazed!! Really love it and will save up for this :)

  19. I've always been curious about this, pero mejo nakakatakot yung possible side effects. Eeek!


  20. hello,i just wanna ask again if you udiscontinue using the sophia enhancer,does your lashes the same?

  21. @itsmefati- hello :) Welcome! I hope you can try this product it's really worth the try! Super effective :)

    @Angel Diamante- try this sis if possible, the side effects naman is not the same to all baka sayo mas less pero if you have eye problems before it's better to skip this.

    @sherry ann gole cruz- yes, I discontinued using this a month ago but my lashes remained the same :)

  22. Sis safe ba gamitin if may mole ako sa lower eyelid? near sa tear duct.. Like ko sana magorder? nakaregular price pa rin itong product? Thanks!:) ��

  23. @Mhebert- hello, I'm not sure if safe dun sa area na may mole. just to be sure please visit their facebook page and you can ask them naman about your concerns. Hope you understand, thanks!


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