Press Release: Nail-a-holics Nail Salon and Spa now open in Gateway Mall

Monday, July 01, 2013

     There is no stopping the country's nail salon giant. Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa is adding another branch to their continuously growing chain. Last June 12, 2013, they opened their doors to the public in Gateway Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao-- making quality nail care and grooming services more accessible to northern Metro Manila. Nailaholics Gateway is their 41st branch nationwide.
Nail-a-holics Nail Salon and Spa now open in Gateway Mall
     Over the years, Nailaholics develop a bond amongst family and friends through wellness and grooming. They carry a slew of service that surely pampers their guests, imbibing a habit of visit!
Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa now open in Gateway Mall
     Nailaholics Salon and Spa is the top of mind, one-stop destination for all nail care and grooming needs. They offer manicure, pedicure, hand and foot care, spa treatment, massage therapy and other grooming services like eyelash enhancement, threading and waxing. It extends its service; making celebrations worth remembering, such as spa party for bridal showers, birthdays and mini-reunions. 
Nail-a-holics Nail Salon and Spa now open in Gateway Mall
     What marks a Nailaholics experience is its serene ambiance inspired by affluent coastal communities, like The Hamptons. Each store is defined by blue-painted walls accentuated with white furniture and marine-inspired decor. The softly-cushioned sofa chairs seat their guests comfortably and the cozy homey atmosphere let the guests drift to sleep; leaving them to the care of highly trained nail technicians.

     Step into your coastal home in the city and indulge in a deluxe nail spa experience in your urban oasis, Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa.

     Nailaholics Nail Salon Spa is located at the 4th Floor, Gateway Mall, Araneta Centre, Cubao. For other branches, visit Share this experience with your family and friends by liking us on Facebook ( and following us on Twitter and Instagram (@nailaholicslove).


  1. The wall colors and interiors are just so pretty. Makes me wanna drift to Dreamland. :)

  2. The Hamptons! Nice! So eastern american :) Reminds me of Edie Beale :)


  3. @nelabratinella- so true! it's very relaxing :)

    @Angel Diamante- I have no idea of Edie Beale but whoever he/she is, he/she's a beach bum :)

  4. Thank you for giving the information. I was searching a salon who are providing the nail treatment.
    hair stylists in miami

  5. I passed this branch at Gateway. Very relaxing place <3

  6. @Louise Ito- Next time you pass there and you need pampering session try their services ha.

  7. wow a heavenly place for nails <3

  8. Would they allow me to get a foot spa and manicure there? I'm only fourteeeeeennn


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