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Sunday, April 28, 2013

     A blessed Sunday to all of you dearies! Time flies very fast! 2 more days and we're entering another month of festivities. I think May is the month wherein different harvesting festivals happen in our country. It's another way of celebrating summer and joining different outdoor activities means long sun exposure. Are you afraid of getting dark? We all know that a good sunscreen and sunblock can solve this dilemma but still we're not sure if our skin will be really protected from head to toe. From this comes another concern like uneven skin tone. How do you deal with uneven tone and rough skin texture? Well, If you're still looking for a solution let me introduce to you this whitening soap that will help you achieve lighter and even skin tone while preventing pre-mature aging and wrinkling. 

     We all know that whitening soaps in the market today contains more than one whitening agent. If you're going to choose a specific variant of soap I'm sure you'll get the one packed with the most whitening ingredients available. Why settle for 2 if you can get 3 or more? Am I right or right? So when iWhite Korea sent this whitening soap, I was surprised when I read the ingredients and found out "Mulberry Extract" If my memory serves me right, this is the first time I encounter a natural lightening agent called Mulberry. I've tried so many whitening soaps before, generic and organic ones but this one seems very different and special. If you're current whitening/lightening soap doesn't do the job that it promises, then it's time to try iWhite Glutaberry White Soap. Click CONTINUE to find out if this soap is the answer to an even skin tone that you're longing for.

iWhite GlutaBerry White Soap
Formulated with skin lightening agents and natural anti-oxidants that protect the skin against premature aging and further cellular damage, giving it a healthy and fairer complexion.

Glutathione - essential body chemical that acts as a natural antioxidant and detoxifying agent that protects your skin from premature aging, giving it a whiter and more radiant complexion.

Mulberry Extract – from the root of white mulberry with natural lightening agent that inhibits melanin production for an even-toned complexion.

Kojic Acid – whitens your skin and prevents acne-causing bacteria, making the skin smooth.

Vitamin E – protects your skin from free radicals for a younger looking skin.

iWhite Glutaberry White Soap
size: 90g

price: 89 php (Around $2.16)

place bought: free
All leading department stores and supermarkets (Watsons, Mercury Drug, Waltermart, Rob Dept Store, Ever, Super8, 7-11, San Miguel Food Ave., Finds Convenience Store

instructions for use: Can be used for face and body- For Men and Women :)

ingredients: Sodium Palmitate, Sodium Palm Kemalate, Fragrance, Titanium IV Oxide, Mulberry Extract, Glycerine, 2-Hydroxypropanoic Acid, Allantoin, Propanetricarbpxylic Acid, Tocopherol Acetate, Sodium Methyl Cocyl Taurate, Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Butylated Hydroxyloluene, Triclosan, Glutathione

What I like:
  • The price- very affordable for a 90g product.
  • Suitable for Men and Women- hubby loves using this soap too :)
  • I like the color of the packaging, I have this thing for black and pink combination.
  • Doesn't melt fast, doesn't break or deform its shape even up to the last bits.
  • Contains Glutathione, Kojic Acid and Mulberry Extract that's proven to lighten and even-out skin tone. Talk about 3 whitening ingredients in 1 bar of soap :)
  • Makes my skin soft and smooth.
  • Hubby's skin became a bit even especially on his arms.
  • The whole bar lasted me more than a month.
  • No irritation and stinging.
  • This soap helped me maintain my skin tone (I'm always outside the house between 10 am and 3 pm doing errands)
  • Batch, manufacturing and expiry date printed on the package.
  • Easily available and accessible.
What I don't like:
  • Again, soap with powder and floral scent is a bit overpowering to me. My nose doesn't agree to it :(
  • A little dryness which I guess will always be present after using whitening soaps.
Will I repurchase? Yes,  especially for the hubby who really needs to even out his skin tone.

     I give this a 4/5 rating. A cost effective whitening soap that really works! If you still haven't considered organic soaps as your new companion in terms of whitening, then I highly recommend this soap to you. I love organic whitening soaps but this one is very promising. It contains more than one whitening agents (Kojic Acid, Mulberry and Glutathione) so instead of buying them separately, you can have them in just one bar. I can say that using this religiously soap for more than a month will give you a lighter, smooth and blemish free skin. 
      Have you tried iWhite Korea products? Share your experience! Don't forget to like their Facbook page here: iWhite Korea and follow their Twitter account here: iWhitekorea for more updates and exciting promos!

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DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me by iWhite Korea for review. The views expressed here are my honest opinion about the product. 


  1. when it comes to soaps i trust only u kath so i will but this one since the bf also need to even out his skin tone. dami pimple marks:(

  2. when it comes to soaps i trust only u kath so i will but this one since the bf also need to even out his skin tone. dami pimple marks:(

    1. sa kuya kopo ang dami niya ng pimple marks kojic soap lang po yung nakapag restore ng skin niya pero dapat po hindi siya lagi expose sa sun kasi yung kojic kapag ma expose ka sun is your skin fast ma darker
      yung pure kojic at nakakaputi din yung kojic ate

  3. @Gie- Hello Gie! Miss you na :( Thank you for trusting me. Cge pa try mo to. Si hubby kasi on his second bar na. At first pareho naming ginagamit yung soap. Ang problem ko lang talaga is yung scent nito. Sa kanya naman ok parang regular soap lang. Ok yung combintion ng ingredients na gluta kojic tapos may mulberry and vit e pa :)

  4. Yung scent nya is more on "pampamilyang use".. Good thing that even though it has kojic hindi sya drying noh? Im on my 1st week on using this one.

  5. I've tried this too, and I like it naman. I love the scent. Hihi. Di ko nga lang napansin kung nagwhiten ba talaga, but I'll keep on using it to see.

  6. @Eyah- Thanks for the tem "pampamilya" Hihi! Yup, bihira yung may kojic na hindi drying. I think it's the vitamin E kaya na counter yung drying :)

    @Aya- Mabuti ka pa you love the scent, di ko talaga ma tolerate :( Siguro di mo lang napansin. Baka glowing/lightening effect syo :)

  7. hello kath,, effective b tlga glutaberry?i wanna give it a try, ive tried a lot of whitening soaps to even out my skin,, kz i am fond of whitening soaps,hehehe so glad ive found ur blog,,:)

  8. @yoshie- hello dear, yup effective yung soap specially if you'll use it para ma even out yung skin tone mo. Hindi lang mabilis yung whitening nya. it will take a month to see a difference.

  9. hi kath,thanks for your quick reply,,ok cge i ll give it a try,. im so fond of whitening soaps,. heheh, kya gsto ko itry kung ano yung mas effective,.saka i want to make my skin look fair,, khit hindi n ko maging kutis porcelana,ehhehe kso wala nmna dto nyan s japan,.as for now gumagamit ako ng ds kojic soap,. natry mo nb yun sis?

  10. @yoshie- oh you're in Japan pala. Madami dyan whitening soaps diba? I'm not sure if you can buy iWhite Korea products sa mga Filipino stores dyan kung meron man. Kojic is the best bet for whitening basta tyaga ka lang :)

  11. hi kath,. i couldnt find any whitening soaps in any drugstore here, they were just selling whitening creams and gels,,i just keep wondering made in japan daw koji san soap, pero wla nman dto non,, kya gsto ko mgtry ng ibng brand,, have u ever used diana stalder kojic soap?yah, i agree with you,., kelangn lng tlga tyaga,. it takes a week or month, before mo makita na ngalighten skin mo,, because we have different skin type,, thanks for ur reply,, have a nice day,,GOD BLESS:)

  12. Hi ate Kath! I need help po. Im 15 years old po, and nagkakapimples po ako ng malalaki, dati naman po maliliit lang. Sa tingin niyo po effective po ba ito para sa mga pimples ko? Please reply po. Thankyou so much ate! 😊


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