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Saturday, March 30, 2013

     Looking for a beauty or skincare product to match our personality and needs is not an easy task. Aside from considering the benefits that we get from them, we also take into consideration the price and availability. We all know that buying a certain product specially if it's our first time to try it whether high-end, cost-effective or affordable ones won't guarantee us the positive results that we're looking for. So what comes next after spending your hard earned money with the makeup that caused you allergic reactions or to your new moisturizer that gave you cystic pimples the next day? Of course you'll stop using the product even if it's expensive or not because it doesn't comply with your skin. Buying full-sized products has always been a con than pro for me. If my memory serves me right, I've purchased a lot of skin care and makeup products before and they ended up inside the garbage bin after two days. I've had regrets before and this always make me sad buying full-sized products. Aside from wasting my time going to this place just to access and buy the product, it's also a waste of money- I didn't get my money's worth from buying full-sized products that's not effective and just made my skin condition worst.

     Now, I'm so happy when Sample Room was created. Try before you buy sounds nice and it's a lot nicer when you actually tried the sample product first before purchasing full-sized ones. I'm very thankful because Sample Room made my sad experience a happy one after trying sample products. I can now try makeup and skincare products without breaking the bank

Why do I Want To Be Part of Sample Room's Bloggers Circle?

     Trying before buying makes me happy. I'm sure that I get my money's worth on my next purchase. I can save a lot from buying full-sized ones and will not worry of the outcome from the sample product that I've recently tried. I know that I've only purchased a few products from Sample Room but all the purchases I had made me so happy! I'm worry-free and contended.

     Sample Room doesn't only let you try sample products, some of their samples are full-sized ones! Wow, that's double happiness indeed :)
     Hope I can be part of this circle, please like my entries HERE and HERE. Thank you so much Sample Room for making our lives more easier. I'm sure that even if you can spend your money to buy expensive products, there's something in your mind that tells you it's better to try it first than spending without assurance. It's like if you can buy a lipstick in a price of one, if you try it first and it doesn't suit you well, next time you can buy two instead of one :) Save money, time and energy- that's what Sample Room has to offer ^_^

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  1. Sample room is the best! I hope you can post more free sample & product reviews! More powers & God bless

  2. @Jea Blancaflor- yes! Will post all reviews once I have tried and used them na :) thanks dear!


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