Merry Christmas!!! + Festive Question Tag

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

     Belated Merry Christmas to all!!! I hope all your Christmas wishes came true :) Let's all be thankful for all the blessings that we received this year and most specially for giving us our love ones. 

Festive Question Tag from Katey of Behind the Bumblebee Glasses- thanks a lot for the tag :D

What’s your favourite Christmas colour?
Red! It's my favorite color

Do you like to stay in your PJs’ or dress up for Christmas?
I consider Christmas as the most festive celebration of the year so I always dress up and wear something different.

If you could only buy one person a present this year who would it be?
My husband!

Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas morning, gifts from our relatives usually arrive on the Christmas day itself.

Have you ever built a ginger bread house?
Never :(

What do you like to do on your Christmas break?
I don't have a Christmas break since I always stay at home, but Christmas break for me means shopping gifts and wrapping them.

Any Christmas wishes?
I wish that my grandmother will stay strong and be happy for the remaining days of her life and for a successful kidney transplant operation of my father this 2013. 

Favourite Christmas smell?
The smell of freshly baked bibingka.

Favourite Christmas meal or treat?
Ham, all kinds of Christmas ham!

What are you doing for the holidays this year?
Just spend Christmas with my family and relatives. 

Candy cane or Gingerbread men?
Candy Cane! :)

What's your favourite Christmas song?
Jingle Bells because my son loves it too!

Have you ever made a snowman?
We don't have snow in the Philippines.

What is your favourite winter fragrance?
Nothing in particular.

What is at the top of your list this Christmas?
A new phone or laptop for me and tablet for my son.

What is most important to you about the holidays?
My family! It's always been them :)

I tag you!

Dawn and Liz

Good Times!~


  1. Thanks for the tag sis! :D I'll do mine on my personal blog --, although I still have to revise the blog layout. Palpak eh XD

    Anyway sis, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas :) Have a happy and abundant 2013 as well and wishing all your holiday wishes will come true! ^^

  2. Thanks for the tag dear! :) ako rin, family ang pinka-importante for me sa pasko :)

  3. thanks for tagging me kath! I hope you are feeling better now and get well soon! Plus, I wish your family good health and everything will turn out really well~ Stay & think positive! Happy Holidays ^_~

  4. @Sumi- Thanks sis :) Will visit your personal blog soonest! Di ako masyado maka OL dahil kay Kenzo :(

    @hazel- Thanks. Yay, we're same :)

    @Janet- Thanks Janet for the kind words ^^

    @sania akbar- no biggie dear ;)

  5. Thanks for the tag! ♥

    I also looove red and i'm a sucker for candy canes until now. haha!


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