Preserving Mankind with Kojiesan Men

Saturday, September 22, 2012

     What's your type of guy? I've been asked this question many times before and I always replied with the same answers- responsible, loyal, trustworthy, and kind. I always answer this question with a description of his personality rather than what is manly. According to Manly is an adjective used to describe the physical and psychological characteristics of individuals traditionally associated with men such as courage and strength. I can't remember if there was a time that I answered the question above with something related to his physical attributes like tall, dark, and handsome. 

     I guess that the concept of manliness has changed over time. I knew some girls who choose a guy with what is physically satisfying to them. I'm not against them and I think manliness should be an equal balance of the physical, mental, social, and spiritual aspects. He must be physically fit by engaging in a healthy lifestyle, mentally capable and mature enough to handle all types of stress, socially inclined so that he can share his views thus learning from them, and doesn't neglect his personal growth through religious/spiritual way of life. 

Preserving Mankind with Kojiesan Men

     But things change as time passes by. Our society needs to adapt to these changes brought by different cultures and personal beliefs. So the modern man became more consumed with material things and very conscious of their looks. Some of them are even called Metrosexuals. They became more concerned with their grooming and fashion. If you'll ask me, there's nothing wrong if he is concerned with his personal appearance as long as it can attribute to his personality development.

     With all these liberal views and cultural influences, one can preserve the concept of manliness by combining the traditional and modern characteristics to create balance like being a responsible husband sharing household chores with his wife. After a long day of cleaning the house and doing the laundry, they can unwind together by going to a spa and salon. A father must be strict with his son but he should also listen to some suggestions when i.e. buying skincare products that suit his skin type. I believe that the characteristics of traditional and modern man can work hand in hand to preserve mankind.  

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  1. Nice point of view. The qualities that a girl looks for in a guy changes as one age. In the end, I chose the one who loves me more than I love him. Been married for 13 yrs. with minimal headache. Hehe

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