Product Review: Nature Republic Watery Sun Cream 30 PA++

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

     Hello ladies, happy Monday! Start your week right by smiling and think of positive things coming your way :D Today I'm going to share an important addition to my skin care routine. I'm guilty of neglecting this ever since I became aware on the importance of basic skin care. I always skip sunblock. I have this notion before that sunblock is only used during summer and when you're going to the beach. I also have sensitive nose that I dislike the scent of most sunblock being sold in the market before. The only brand that I knew was Coppertone and Banana Boat. Silly me! The effects of UVA/UVB is now taking its toll on me. Tiny dark spots or freckles are visible on my cheeks. But I'm still lazy putting sunblock on my face. When bb creams came out, I'm relieved because it's all-in-one. Tinted moisturizer + sunblock + whitening + anti-aging, it's like a miracle in a bottle. So I rely on bb creams for sun protection. 

     When I read a post that spf on a bb cream is not enough to shield the skin from damaging sun rays, I decided to include sunblock on my skin care regimen. There's so many different brand of sunblock in the market today. The higher the spf, the better in shielding your skin from the damaging UV rays. My current sunblock contains only spf30 that I think is good for me since I'm always indoors. This sunblock is also a part of the birthday blog sale giveaway that I won so it's only half of the tube when I received it. I considered this as my first sunblock since I'm using this everyday :D

Nature Republic Watery Sun Cream 30 PA++
Simple packaging, tube type

Nature Republic Watery Sun Cream 30 PA++
I like this nozzle type because you can control the amount of product coming out of the tube.

Nature Republic Watery Sun Cream 30 PA++
This white cream has a medium like consistency. Swatch under different lightning

Nature Republic Watery Sun Cream 30 PA++
Blended on my hand, you can see there's a white cast. I had a hard time taking photo with flash on because it's too reflective.

What I like:
  • The scent is nice. It's not overpowering like Coppertone and Banana Boat.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • Water-proof.
  • Applies velvety smooth and has a bit of glittery effect that's not noticeable
  • Doesn't break me out, no allergic reactions whatsoever.
  • Doesn't make my skin oily.
What I don't like:
  • Has only spf 30. ( I searched the internet and saw that this variant has spf 50 too)
  • There' a white cast even though it has low spf content.
  • Since I bought it pre-loved, I don't know the product information.

Will I repurchase? No. I want to try western brands like Neutrogena and Nivea.

     I give this a 3/5 rating. I'm happy with this purchase at least I got to try a sunscreen on its own. Now is the time to hunt for my HG sunblock, since this is important to prevent aging skin and cancer I will consider buying even those expensive ones.

     What's your favorite sunblock?Any recommendations? Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Thanks for the review! I'm not really fond of anything with spf as it causes white cast. Though I know I must apply sunscreens to protect myself from UVrays and other harmful sunrays but as much as possible I just stay out of the sun..hehe..^_~

  2. @Janet- Ganyan din ginagawa ko dati, I really stay out of the sun para hindi umitim. Now kasi yun nga, dumadami sun spots ko kaya need talaga mag sunscreen.


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