Product Review: Cyleina Organic Carrot Soap

Monday, June 11, 2012

     Another organic soap review! If my memory serves me right, the first time I bought an organic soap was 5 years ago. I'm sooo curious with the label natural and organic during that time. My mind is easily swayed by positive feed backs from GT forum and I can't resists when someone swears it's effective! my skin got lighter, I noticed that I'm glowing, blah, blah, blah. Cyleina is the first brand of organic soap that I've tried. I had a good experience with their soaps before. I can say it's both effective and affordable but after some time I just got bored with it. Maybe my skin got immune with it and the effect that I wanted just plateaud after two years of daily use but their Kojic Acid became a staple in our bathroom. 

     So when I ran out of my favorite organic soaps and have no time to visit Trinoma, I always end up buying Cyleina. Without a doubt, their soap still deserves a review in my blog. I can call this a life saver! My love for organic soap will go on and on. After two weeks of using Cyleina carrot soap, here's my initial review. I will update this post once I finished the whole bar.
Cyleina Organic Carrot Soap
The organic carrot extract in Cyleina soap is  power packed with anti-oxidants, Alpha  Hydroxy Acids and vitamins A&C, formulated to lighten skin tone, revitalize skin, get rid of blackheads, provide acne relief, promote smooth, younger and glowing healthy skin.
Cyleina Organic Carrot Soap
The soap is white in color but has this orange-y patches on it.
size: 120grams

price: 65php (Around $1.50)

place bought: Watson's Health and Beauty Store, Sm Fairview

instruction for use: Use as bath soap and facial wash, for face and body

ingredients: Vegetable Oil, Almond Oil, Cocao Butter, Carrot, Pineapple Extract, Cinnamon Powder and Essential Oils

What I like:
  • It's organic!
  • The scent- smells like candy, sweet but not overpowering.
  • Gives a "glow" on skin after use.
  • It lightened (just a bit) some very small dark spots on my face but it took two weeks.
  • Affordable
  • Easily accessible- now available at Watson's.
  • Wide selection of soap for different skin needs.
  • Has manufacturing and expiry date.
  • Their packaging is cute and eye-catching.
  • The soap produces rich and thick foam.
What I don't like:
  • Melts easily unlike All Organics (same organic soap which doesn't contain any soap hardener).
  • A bit drying on skin.
Will I repurchase? Maybe, If I see good results within a month. Carrot soap is new to me so I need to gauge it first before getting hooked.

     I give this soap a 4/5 rating. What amazed me is the soap's ability to give a rosy glow on my cheeks. I'm still giving this a month to see if there's a change on the color of my pimple marks.

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  1. Common yun sa "natural" soaps noh? They're always drying.

  2. @Rae- Oo nga napansin ko din. Bakit nga kaya?I can't say naman na meron yung ingredient that causes dyness on skin pero ang hirap naman mag pin point kung di ako sure. Hindi kaya sa oils na gamit nila? Hehehe. Will do a research on that. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I haven't tried using carrot soaps. Let me know sis if this helps clear out pimple marks.. :) I'll give this a try too if ever. Anyway, pansin ko with organic soaps, madaling matunaw.. :(

  4. @Sumi- Hi :) Yup, I will update this kasi may post pimple marks ako na malaki dahil nainis ako, d ko natiis na prick ko kaya ayun nag scar tuloy. Yun din problem ko, affordable pero mabilis matunaw kasi walang soap hardener. Yun nga lang nahiyang ako kaya kahit mabilis matunaw nag-stick talaga ako sa organic.

  5. I love cyleina soaps. my favorite are rice bran and black pearl. It's true na mabilis matunaw but it really does the job on my skin. I've tried carrot soap before but I still prefer my favorite duo. :P

  6. I haven't tried the carrot soap, the only cycleina soap I tried is the black pearl which is drying din and melt super duper fast! Naubos ko cya in less than 2 weeks! Graveh!

  7. @Kath, sa research ko, ganun talaga ang saponified oils. Drying talaga.

    Kapag 'natural' we're given the impression na wala syang chemical sounding ingredients. Pero to make oil soap, hahaluan sya ng potassium or sodium hyrdoxide.

    But they don't usually list it. Lalagay lang nila saponified oils.

  8. @Dawn- Hi sis :) I tried black pear na din before kaya lang hindi ako hiyang. Yung rice bran naman medyo nag reredish yung skin ko kaya once ko lang both na try.

    @Janet- Oo nga, mabilis talaga matunaw. Kung hindi mo hahatiin and ilalagay sa malamig na lugar naku, tunay na tunaw parang body wash na. I'm crossing my fingers dito sa carrot soap. Usual reaction kasi ng skin ko pag di hiyang is butlig na masakit or cystic pimple.

  9. Hi Rae :) ganun pala. now I know! Thanks. Dapat siguro wag na lang i-label na organic or natural kung ganun pala na may hidden ingredients. siguro it's better to reveal sa list then label na lang na contains organic ingredients.

  10. paano kaya ang procedure ng tamang paggamit? kase i use it 2nd week palang pero parang walang nagbabago. pero may nakakapansin naman na pumuputi mukha ko. can you tell me the procedure i use carrot soap with cinnamon and pineapple

    1. Hi veeber,

      Same lang as how you use your regular soap. If your skin is not sensitive naman, you can leave the soap's lather for 2 minutes.

  11. Replies
    1. Hi Nathan,

      I used another soap na so I have no update na on this. Paiba-iba din kasi ako ng soap dahil madami ako narereview. So there are times na I don't stick kung saan ako hiyang. Kung ano yung nirereview, yun ang ginagamit ko everyday.

  12. Ano pong current soap na gamit niyo?

    1. Hello,

      Olay, Belo Kojic, Cow Soap, Opulence. Alternately lagi or kung ano yung nirereview ko, yun ang ginagamit ko na soap now. So far, hiyang naman ako sa lahat.


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