My First Ever Photoshoot

Sunday, June 03, 2012

     Action speaks louder than words, I'm just an ordinary girl who chooses not to speak and just observe things around me. Many of my friends describes me as a shy and soft-spoken lass until last month where I braved myself and came out of my comfort zone. I call this EPIC :P

     If you want to know more, understand and have an insight of what I call EPIC is or just curious about these photos just click the link below. 

Good Times!~


  1. love the makeup!! <3

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  2. i love the theme gothic-lolita or just kind of dark reminds me of Tim Burton :D u look fab ;) i just followed ur blog ^^ i also like ur reviews, they r very helpful, btw u can follow me back if u want to ;3
    ~aiMee/aMz, <3

  3. @aMz88- Hi! Thanks for dropping by, I really appreciate your comment here. I'll follow you :)

  4. Wow! Those are some eyelashes!

    Just found you through Link Referral dear(:

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    Best wishes,
    -XO Abbigayle Rashae


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