Something Cheesy or should I say Sweesy?

Saturday, October 08, 2011

     I'm addicted to anything sweet. I know it's bad but somehow eating chocolates and cakes, drinking milk teas and frappes makes me smile. I think these addictions can be included in my "life's simple pleasures". What's not to like if someone wakes you up with this...
Jack's Loft Cheesecake, given by my hubby on our 42nd monthsary
     Instantly brightens my face more than any makeup can do. Best paired with coffee for a great day ahead. I think this cheesecake deserves a review on this blog. Since I tasted this twice now, I'll make a review on my third round.

     So there it goes, Sweesy meaning Sweet and Cheesy since it's the sweetest cheesecake that I ate in my entire life. 

     Special thanks to my hubby who made an effort in buying this since I'm craving for this long time. Have a great day ahead!

Good Times!~


  1. such a sweet cheesecake and hubby! :)

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  3. Mar- I already emailed you my details, thank you so much!

    fashioneggplant- thank you, will visit your blog back.


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