NOTD: Just Peachy

Friday, August 16, 2013

     I can't think of a good post title because the nail polish that I used here doesn't have a name at all. Have you seen or heard the brand BNC? The nail attendant said that it's a Korean brand of nail polish and nothing seems special with it. I think it's considered as a regular brand in Korea like Bobbie or Caronia. Why I choose this color? Out of dozen bold and bright colors to choose from, I still want to see my finger nails painted with sheer nude, pink or peach polish. I describe this color as a muted pink with lots of peach in it.  If I'll compare it to Orly Silk Stockings that I posted HERE, this one is bolder and more pigmented, the peach shade is more dominant than pink. Geez,  I sucked at describing colors so I hope you can help me make a better description by commenting below :)
BNC Nail Polish 
Peach Shade
     By the way, my apologies if the photo is grainy and the lighting is not good. I just used my cell phone's camera to take this photo. I forgot to bring my cam during my visit to Nailaholics Sm Fairview branch last week together with my sister. We had our spa bonding sesh c/o the gift certificates that I got from the #NailaholicsGateway branch opening event. What we did that day? We had our hand and foot paraffin with manicure and pedicure. 
BNC Nail Polish
Peach Shade
     I'm sure you're going to ask me why I didn't choose imported nail polishes like Orly, O.P.I or China Glaze? The cheapskate in me dominated that day. I insisted to my sister that we need to use the exact amount of the gift certificates nothing more or less. So we stick to this brand because it's free! Hahaha :)

     I'll be posting another NOTD this weekend and this time, it's not your ordinary nail polish. It's like a nail sticker/decals. Thanks for visiting and hope you like my post! Happy long weekend dearies! ^_^

Good Times!


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