4 Important Facts to Know Before You Select a Pessary

Friday, February 14, 2020

    If you’re a woman who is living with any form of incontinence, one of the resources that you can put to good use is the pessary. While also helpful with conditions like pelvic organ prolapses, this addition to your regimen could be right for you. In fact, many women find that using pessaries makes it much easier to go about the day and feel confident. If your doctor has mentioned this possibility, here are some basics that you should know.

4 Important Facts to Know Before You Select a Pessary
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Pessaries Come in Different Sizes

    It’s important to select the right size. A pessary that’s too small will not stay in position. That defeats the purpose of allowing you to enjoy more control over your condition. A pessary that’s too large may not slip out of position but it could cause ongoing pain. 

    The right pessary size will stay in position, offer the maximum amount of benefits, and be comfortable enough that you’re likely to forget about it. Your doctor can provide guidelines for selecting the right type of ring pessary. You can then use that information to make the purchase online for a discreet delivery or pick up the right size at your local medical supply store. 

Side Effects are Mild If They Appear at All

     Some women who use pessaries for urinary tract incontinence experience no side effects at all. Others may notice some discharge or vaginal irritation. It’s not impossible for a urinary tract infection to develop. In the event that you do experience any side effects, report them to your doctor at once. In most cases, a simple treatment will get things back on track. 

It’s Possible to Wear a Pessary for a Longer Period of Time

     While your doctor can provide recommendations based on the specifics of your condition, it’s often possible to wear a pessary for anywhere between three and six months. As long as you’re not experiencing any difficulties or side effects, you should be fine. 

     Do not attempt to wear a pessary for more than six months. This is true even if you’re not experiencing any issues at all. Remember that removing the old pessary and inserting a new one may be difficult. If so, arrange a doctor visit and have a professional take care of the changeover for you. 

Many Health Insurance Plans Will Cover All or Most of the Cost

     The expense associated with most pessaries is more affordable than you may think. That’s great for anyone who may not have access to some type of health coverage. Considering that you should be able to wear the pessary for at least three months, the expense seems even more reasonable. 

     Even so, check with your insurance provider and find out if the device is covered. Many health insurance plans will cover all or at least part of the cost, provided your physician provides a prescription for the pessary. That will leave you with little to nothing to pay out of pocket. 

     Pessaries help quite a few women manage incontinence with greater ease. If you would rather get out and do whatever you want whenever you want, talk with your doctor about this solution. Depending on the specifics of your condition, this may be an option that’s worth trying.

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