How to Design a Sleep-Friendly Baby Nursery

Thursday, September 13, 2018

     When you’re in the process of designing a nursery for your new baby, particularly if it’s your first, it can feel overwhelming. It’s difficult to know where to start. You’re probably also receiving so much advice and wondering what you really need in a nursery, versus what you can live without.

     When your baby is in his or her first few months, and even first few years of life, the primary goal of the room should be to serve as a place that’s comfortable for you, and one that promotes sleep. The following are some general nursery design tips and in particular, some tips that will help you create a space that will encourage your little one to develop healthy sleep patterns.

How to Design a Sleep-Friendly Baby Nursery

Window Coverings

     If there’s one place to focus when it comes to designing a nursery, it’s window coverings. When selecting window coverings for a nursery, you want something that’s going to block out almost all the natural light when necessary. 

     For example, choosing customer shutters or specialized light-blocking shades can be worth the extra cost. 

     This is going to help your baby take naps more easily and also go to sleep in the evenings when it’s still light out. If you invest in high-quality window coverings early on, they’re going to be useful even as your baby grows into a toddler and an older child for the same reasons. 

Think About Yourself

     When new parents are designing a nursery space, they tend to focus on the baby. In reality, your baby’s needs are all going to provided by you in the initial months and even years. You want to create a nursery that’s comfortable for you.

     For example, put some time into choosing a chair that you’ll feel comfortable spending hours in. You also want to think about lighting that will be soft and ambient for those late nights. 

     If you like having a fan, add one of those to the nursery. As an added benefit, if you do add a fan, it can be good for your baby too. Babies tend to sleep best in a room with a consistent, cool temperature. 

Don’t Spend Much on Crib Bedding

     A big mistake a lot of new parents make when they design a nursery is overspending on crib bedding. All you really need is a fitted crib sheet, and you’ll need plenty of those because you’ll be washing them frequently.

     Don’t add other types of bedding because not only is it an extra cost, but your baby can’t sleep with a lot of extra items in the crib due to safety risks. 

     Finally, rather than choosing a piece of furniture that’s specifically a changing table, go with a dresser that can offer plenty of storage and be used for years to come. Then, you can add a changing pad to the top of it. 

     It’s a better long-term investment, and it will help you maximize your use of space. When you’re adding all of your baby’s items for diaper changes and clothes changes, try to put them directly above the changing pad.

     For example, add a floating shelf above the changing pad so everything is out of the way, but also easily within your reach.


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