Feature: Skin House Revlite Laser

Monday, May 8, 2017

     Laser procedures are no longer new to me. I've tried several procedures for the face, legs, and underarms in the past months and I'm satisfied with the results. For underarm hair, I recommend Diode Laser and the newest, top-of-the-line GentleMax Pro introduced by Skin House and now widely used for effective treatment of hair. It’s fast, effective and affordable. Since underarm hair is no longer an issue, because another dilemma that has been bothering me is underarm discoloration, which I’m sure is a common issue especially moms like myself who have just given birth.

     I've been hearing positive feedbacks about Revlite Laser that's why I immediately said yes when Joanne of Skin House asked me if I want to try their Revlite Laser Treatment. They offered several sessions for the treatment because in my case, one session is not enough to see visible improvement in color and texture since the discoloration on my right underarm is really noticeable. Sharing with you information and photos of my underarms before and after the treatments below :)

Feature: Skin House Revlite Laser

RevLite Laser

     The RevLite EO Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser from ConBio, A Cynosure Company is an evolutionary step in the Company’s MedLite® series of lasers, which transformed the Asian aesthetic industry 20 years ago. Today, the RevLite is not only a preferred gold standard among Asian physicians for pigmentary issues, it stands apart as a multi-wavelength aesthetic laser that treats a wide-range of indications.

Feature: Skin House Revlite Laser
RevLite EO Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser from ConBio machine

     RevLite Laser is basically for any patient with pigment issues such as that of the underarms. If you use commercial deodorants, and manually remove hair through plucking, waxing or shaving, you are most likely a good candidate for the treatment. In my case, that darkening is caused by hormonal imbalance and by taking birth control pills. RevLite is a painless treatment that whitens the underarms with no downtime. It even removes the thin hair as a side effect. No need to be embarrassed when you have Revlite, it treats chicken skin too.

Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic Pasig Branch

     It's my first time to visit the branch and upon entering I was welcomed by a dainty and princessy-like interior. The ambiance is nice and quiet, it's also clean and relaxing. When I arrived, they offered me a drink (water, coffee or tea) and was asked to answer some questions through the tablet before the treatment. As part of the clinic’s belief to do its share for the well-being of the environment, they keep records and profiles in a secured cloud-base software. Everything is high-tech and well-thought of at Skin House, something you would expect in a five star clinic sans the outrageous rates that usually goes with it.

Feature: Skinhouse Revlite Laser

     This is a standard procedure before undergoing any non-invasive treatment. It's like answering a medical fact sheet, only it's done electronically. I advise you to answer this to the best of your ability so that they will know your medical history and what products you are currently using in order for them to assess your skin condition and avoid allergic reactions.

Feature: Skin House Revlite Laser
Patient's data

     After this, I was advised of the do's and dont's and was to the treatment room. They gave me a pre-treatment protocol and post-care list. The treatment room as expected is very clean, relaxing and well lit.

Feature: Skin  House Revlite Laser
Inside the treatment room

     I saw inspirational decorations too that can brighten the mood of the first timers. We all have first times and I know that feeling- a bit nervous and hopeful of positive results.

Feature: Skin House Revlite Laser
Be inspired :)

     Since I'm not new to lasers, I'm expecting that there will be some sort of pain or discomfort but it was surprisingly minimal and tolerable. The procedure for this includes cleansing of the underarms, the actual treatment that involves the laser passing over of the skin, cleansing again and application of after care cream. For first timers, the derma nurse will ask if you could still tolerate another pass and visual assessment of the reaction of your skin before going through another round. The idea is to achieve the end point for optimal results.

Feature: Skin House Revlite Laser

Here's a summary of my Revlite Laser Treatment:

1. My underarms were cleaned with a damp cotton.

2. I was asked to wear goggles to protect my eyes from laser beams.

3. First timers will be given patch tests to assess the settings to be used that will help reach the end point, with consideration to the pain threshold of the patient and the reaction of the skin. Then the derma nurse will if you can tolerate a higher setting and would make adjustments if and when necessary.

4. On my first two sessions, the derma nurse was only able to undergo two passes on both underarms.

6. Revlite Laser emits short flashes of lights or pulses and the feeling when it passes the skin is like that of rubber band snap. Only, that it’s a bit faster than usual.

7. During laser passes, I felt rubber band snaps on my underarms. After which my underarms would feel sore and would become red. If you have sensitive skin, redness is not a big thing. It's normal and you'll get used to it session after. By the way, I'm on my 4th session on my next visit.

8. Number of passes will also depend on the severity of darkness and blemishes, my derma nurse increased the number of passes on dark areas of my underarm. It stung the most but was bearable. It's like my skin had a light sunburn.

9. When the session is over, the area treated will be clean of debris and a post laser cream will be applied on both underarms.

Feature: Skin House Revlite Laser
Discolorations on both underarms

Feature: Skin House Revlite Laser
After my first session, there's redness and I can't say that there's an improvement already

Skin House Revlite Laser Price is P2,500 per session. Since Revlite requires multiple sessions here and in other clinics, it would be advisable to get the a package of around 6-10 12 sessions to see improvements in the tone and texture of underarm skin. Had three sessions already and I only see a small difference on whitening BUT my underarms are smoother and have lesser chicken skin Underarm hair turned white so no need to have booster shots of Diode Laser in my case. They suggested 6 sessions for my underarms though because I have discolorations on the outer and middle part of my underarms as you can see in the photos above, I might require more. As a mother, it’s inevitable to have some discolorations after giving birth due to hormonal changes and other factors.

     They have packages for Revlite underarm whitening and available for installment via Metrobank and BDO Credit Card. I suggest you to visit their clinic for assessment. If you really have dark underarms, get the package. It's cheaper and you will see the results on your 6-12 sessions. Tip: They really charge way less than other clinics and you will feel pampered and well taken cared of on your sessions. The derma nurses all love what they’re doing, and they are all trained and managed by nurse managers trained here and with extensive experience overseas. Photos will be taken every session to assess improvement and reaction of the skin so please be advised to come on time as a courtesy to the other guests. I'll update this post and show you photos after my last session.

Address: 2nd Floor Pioneer Centre Supermarket 8006 Pioneer St. Kapitolyo Pasig

Operating Hours: Open Everyday from 10:00am to 9:00pm By Appointment Only.

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  1. Thanks to your blog I was able to get a revlite beauty package at skin house and my skin has never been this good. Thanks again!

    1. Hi,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I'm glad that you saw positive results.

  2. Im planning on doing this treatment after my diode laser sessions. Your post convinced me to choose skinhouse. 😊

    1. Hi Gel,

      Thank you so much! Do let us know your experience.


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