Robinsons Supermarket "Learn Wellness" Promo Launch

Sunday, May 07, 2017

     And just like that it's May already. One more month to go and it's back to school again. Are you ready welcome the school year with a bang!? I presume that some of you are still enjoying the vacation and loving the summer heat at the beach while some are also excited to prep their things for this school year.

     In time for the back-to-school season, families, especially students, can continue their journey towards healthy living as they discover nutritious and rewarding food choices in the second promo event of  Robinsons Supermarket “Route to Wellness” campaign dubbed as "Learn Wellness." Sharing with you highlights of the event and promo mechanics below :)

Robinsons Supermarket "Learn Wellness" Promo Launch
Bianca Valerio hosted the event

     Last May 6, 2017, Robinsons Supermarket welcomed families to the “Magical World of Wellness” at Eastwood Central Plaza. We were surprised to see the enchanting set-up, like that of Harry Potter to be exact. Kenzo was so giddy to try all the wizarding activities prepared for us.

Robinsons Supermarket "Learn Wellness" Promo Launch

     This kind of set-up is one of my favorites, we get to bond over activities while learning different information on health and science. Kenzo's fave subject is science that's why he was so game and finished all the activities namely:

1. Magic Match

     Ah, the booth where we learned 7 wellness habits for a healthy mind and body. The habits were listed on the wall and we need to answer what product corresponds to each habit. We got 7/7! Yay :)

Robinsons Supermarket "Learn Wellness" Promo Launch

2. Mix Craft Potion Room

     Our favorite booth! Kenzo made a new color by mixing primary and secondary colors. You have to pick a cue card inside the fish bowl and the clues were written there. We mixed two colors to achieve what is asked in the cue card. 

Robinsons Supermarket "Learn Wellness" Promo Launch

3. Books of Wellness

     The riddle room! All the answers to the questions here was all about wellness. The kind of fruit or food to eat in order to stay healthy. Questions were written in the book and a clue to the answer was the letter of the book. 

Robinsons Supermarket "Learn Wellness" Promo Launch

4. VR Dungeon

     Another fave of Kenzo because of the VR Box. It's his first time playing a VR game using that box and he was so amazed. He wanted to try it over and over again.

Robinsons Supermarket "Learn Wellness" Promo Launch

5. Face Painting

     This booth offered face painting for kids to show-off and enjoy. Can you guess what design Kenzo picked?

Robinsons Supermarket "Learn Wellness" Promo Launch

     Select moms, dads, and guests also got a chance to learn and make their own bento-boxes. After this, invited kids and kids from the audience played different games. All games and activities help educate kids and kids-at-heart on the importance of proper nutrition and regular exercise. 

Robinsons Supermarket "Learn Wellness" Promo Launch
Bento-making with the Bento Mommas

Robinsons Supermarket "Learn Wellness" Promo Mechanics

1. From May 1 to June 30, 2017, shoppers will get a PHP 100 OFF coupon for a minimum single receipt purchase of PHP 3,000 at Robinsons Supermarket. One of the best promo that Robinsons Supermarket has to offer since it's tuition month, a rebate of P100 is not bad at all. You can buy 'baon' and other snacks, right?

Robinsons Supermarket "Learn Wellness" Promo Launch

2. Purchases must be inclusive of PHP 500 worth of participating products from Nestle, CDO, Splash, Wyeth, or Purefoods. 

Robinsons Supermarket "Learn Wellness" Promo Launch
Participating products

3. Loyal shoppers can also earn additional 10 Robinsons Rewards Card points when they buy select Nestle products during this promo. We love Nestle products, especially the newest breakfast bar in town- Nestle Coco Crunch Bar. All we can say is yum, yum!

Robinsons Supermarket "Learn Wellness" Promo Launch
Nestle products

     Robinsons Supermarket’s Route to Wellness campaign banners its commitment to strengthening its “We Love Wellness” advocacy that enables it to provide healthier food options and alternatives to Filipinos.

Robinsons Supermarket "Learn Wellness" Promo Launch
Thank you so much, Robinsons Supermarket for having us!

So visit and shop at Robinsons Supermarket today and learn wellness this school season. 

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