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Feature: Skin House Revlite Laser

Monday, May 08, 2017

     Laser procedures are no longer new to me. I've tried several procedures for the face, legs, and underarms in the past months and I'm satisfied with the results. For underarm hair, I recommend Diode Laser and the newest, top-of-the-line GentleMax Pro introduced by Skin House and now widely used for effective treatment of hair. It’s fast, effective and affordable. Since underarm hair is no longer an issue, because another dilemma that has been bothering me is underarm discoloration, which I’m sure is a common issue especially moms like myself who have just given birth.

     I've been hearing positive feedbacks about Revlite Laser that's why I immediately said yes when Joanne of Skin House asked me if I want to try their Revlite Laser Treatment. They offered several sessions for the treatment because in my case, one session is not enough to see visible improvement in color and texture since the discoloration on my right underarm is really noticeable. Sharing with you information and photos of my underarms before and after the treatments below :)

Feature: Skin House Revlite Laser


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