Feature: Dirty Jobs PH App + Launch Highlights

Monday, December 26, 2016

   When was the last time you said to yourself that you are so tired and just want to rest all day? For a stay-at-home mom like me, I say this to myself everyday! With all the household chores need to be done plus blogging in between, I wish I have a helper physically and virtually. This is my daily routine and there are times that I want to have a day off both at home but it's not an easy thing to do because no one will wash the dishes, do the laundry, and other dirty jobs at home.

     My scenario at home is also the same with the millenials. There are so many things to do and so little time to do it. People are busier working and getting things done rather than doing the menial daily tasks. There's a solution to these problems- get all the dirty jobs done by just one click! Yes, we can now have the all the help that we need with Dirty Jobs PH App. More details about dirtyjobs.ph below :)

Feature: Dirty Jobs PH App + Launch Highlights

  • What the busy millenials and (tired/working) mommies need when they are always on the go as help is right at their fingertips! 
  • It is a company that offers various household and specific services through an online platform aimed to prove a fast, efficient, and economical solution to the house hold requirements. 
  • With Partner Service Providers, they will be able to provide various types of service providers to the household anytime an individual needs it.

Feature: Dirty Jobs PH App + Launch Highlights

     Dirty Jobs PH App was launched last September at Dolcelatte in Quezon City. This is the brainchild of friends Emyl Eugenio, Jeffrey Part Cruz, and Miguel Barcial. Their aim is to provide fast, efficient, economical, and excellent solutions to the requirements of a household. In short, they want us to sit back and relax as the selected service providers do the dirty jobs in the comfort of our home.

Feature: Dirty Jobs PH App + Launch Highlights
Rayhan Ramos Eugenio, Emyl Eugenio, Jeffrey Part Cruz, and Miguel Barcial

     During the launch, the founders explained to us how the app works. It's as simple as using the dirty jobs app to hire someone do your laundry, clean your house, gave you a relaxing massage, take care of your garden, etc. As of this writing here are the jobs available in the app:
  • Aquarium design
  • Hair-Makeup and Spa
  • Events and Multimedia Arts
  • Movers (Lipat Bahay
  • Pet Concerns
  • Laundry
  • Water Distillery
  • Car Wash and Maintenance
  • Renovation and Repairs
  • House Cleaning

Feature: Dirty Jobs PH App + Launch Highlights

How Dirty Jobs App works?

1. Download the app- dirtyjobs.ph (available in Android and iOS)
2. Click the app and it will now take you to the menu of services/request bid now screen. You'll see this:

Feature: Dirty Jobs PH App + Launch Highlights

3. You can now choose from the services I've listed above. 
4. After choosing a service, it will take you the the terms and condition section of the app. Click accept. 
5. Upon clicking, you'll see a form that you need to fill out. All the basic things that you need in a specific service will be asked there. All you have to do is tick a circle or provide a brief answer to the questions regarding the service/s you'll be booking.
6. You also have to place how much is your budget plus the date and time of service requested.
7. The bidding process will proceed after choosing the time (5 hours minimum) and dirty jobs team will look for available service provider. 
8.  After submitting all the information needed, dirty jobs will send an SMS for confirmation of your request.
9. If the bidding is successful, another SMS will be sent and you'll be asked if the bidder is okay then they will provide the contact number of the bidder (service provider) who accepted the bid.
10. Then that's it, just wait for the service provider to arrive in your doorsteps and let them do the dirty job/s for you!

     Holidays aren't over yet and my body is so tired from the parties, reunions, and shopping that we did these fast few weeks. I'm lazy to go out for a massage and I'm thankful that dirtyjobs,ph has different massage services. I made a bid today and I'll update you dearies asap on how the transaction went through.

Feature: Dirty Jobs PH App + Launch Highlights

Here are the reasons why I'll recommend Dirty Jobs App:
  • Easy and smooth navigation of the app.
  • There are so many jobs to choose from. It's not only confined in the 'dirty jobs' jobs itself. 
  • I feel secured as the support team responds quickly if you have queries or they have to confirm something.
  • There are three payment options to choose from like cash, credit card, or paypal.
  • Dirty jobs ensures their customers that the service providers are legit business with permits registered from government offices.
  • Get the things done at home especially if you have are too lazy to go out.
  • For a stay-at-home mom like me, I would love to book some of household related services as it will give me a 'me time' at home.

     I'll be updating this post within the week and will let you know my experience on my Instagram account @kathneko. You can still visit this post as I'll be posting more photos of me while enjoying a relaxing massage at home. Here's the update :)

Feature: Dirty Jobs PH App + Launch Highlights

      Ended my 2016 with a massage that I booked via Dirty Jobs PH App! So happy that I was able to squeeze in some 'me time' with a relaxing swedish massage from Buddhas Palm Therapy Services. Super satisfied with my massage, thank you to my therapist Tin who came all the way from Tondo Manila.

Feature: Dirty Jobs PH App + Launch Highlights
Ate Tin and the Swedish Massage from Buddhas Palm Therapy Services

Have you heard of Dirty Jobs PH? If you've tried one of their services, comment your experience below :)

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