Kojie San Brings Skin to New Light Launch

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

     Many Filipinas are dreaming of fair, radiant and flawless skin. It's a no-brainer nowadays that whitening products always go out of stock in grocery shelves. While I was grocery shopping last week, a group of Filipinas in their 20's were having a small debate on which whitening soap to buy. They're standing in the aisle where different whitening soaps are displayed.

     I've heard that girl a will choose glutathione over kojic acid because the latter dries her skin after use while girl b chose kojic acid because in just two weeks of use, her skin is lighter and more radiant. Girl b was holding Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap. I'm not surprised why she picked Kojie San, I've tried the Kojie San Lightening Range and I'm not surprised why girl b would recommend Kojie San to her friends! I'll be revealing her reasons below :)
Kojie San Brings Skin to New Light Launch
     Did you know that Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap contains two powerful natural-based ingredients namely Kojic Acid and high-grade virgin coconut oil. I guess the girls that time were debating to which ingredient is best for skin lightening, it is important to look for products that are made from natural sources. Originated in Japan, Kojic Acid is a chemical compound made from organic materials that form complexes with substrates and metal ions1. Kojic Acid can also be extracted as a by-product of fermentation when making Japanese rice wine & Sake2. How natural is that?
Kojie San Brings Skin to New Light Launch
Kojie San Kojic Acid Soap
     Surely, Kojic Acid perfectly fits the bill. Inspired by the luminous, flawless skin of Japanese women, Beauty Elements Ventures, Inc. (BEVI) developed the Kojiesan Lightening Soap, the company’s flagship product, the way the Japanese traditionally formulated theirs. 

     Kojiesan has been consistently producing their Kojic Acid soap blending high-grade Kojic Acid & virgin coconut oil since 2007. This combination of effective lightening ingredients keeps dark pigmentation from forming and inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, the enzyme that produces melanin. Melanin is the pigment responsible for the skin’s darker color. 

Here are the reasons why Kojie San is the number 1 Kojic Acid soap in the Philippines:

  • Kojiesan’s formulation turned out to be the key ingredient in convincing local whitening fans to become true believers. 
  • With regular use, Kojiesan can slow down melanin production and prevent darkening of the skin. 
  • It is best for treatment to even out skin tone, erase dark spots and other forms of skin pigmentations. It also corrects skin discoloration and of course lightens skin. Kojiesan products do not contain any hydroquinone, mercury or steroid that may cause further skin irritation like blisters, swelling and severe allergy.
  • The price is very affordable.
Kojie San Brings Skin to New Light Launch
Trisha Gregorio, Kojie San's Marketing Head
“Whitening has always been one of the goals of most Filipinas today. Perhaps from the influence that we get from Korea and Japan or our daily exposure to teleseryes starring women with flawlessly fair skin, we see that they really look beautiful and attractive. According to research, having a whiter complexion can really boost your self-esteem. However, not all whitening products are the same and not all so-called Kojic Acid formulated soaps are as effective and safe like Kojiesan,” says Trisha Gregorio, Kojiesan’s Marketing Head. 
     Now you know why Filipinas are falling in love with the Kojie San effect and because of this, the brand decided to launch a full range of lightening products to complement their best-selling soap—all meticulously developed for undeniably alluring and visibly lighter skin.
Kojie San Brings Skin to New Light Launch
L-R Clockwise: Kojie San Cleanser + Toner, Kojie San Body Lotion, Kojie San Kojic Acid Soap, and Kojie San Face Cream
Kojie San Skin Lightening Range includes:

1. Rejuvenate with Kojie San Cleanser + Toner

     Equipped with Ginseng Extract and Rosehip Oil to revive tired skin, ridding the skin of excessive oils while repairing skin damage;
Kojie San Brings Skin to New Light Launch
Kojie San Cleanser + Toner
2. Brighten with Kojie San Face Lightening Cream

     A combination of natural extracts and high-grade Kojic Acid to lighten as it nourishes, restoring skin suppleness for a healthy, rosy look;
Kojie San Brings Skin to New Light Launch
Kojie San Face Cream
3. Lighten with Kojie San Body Lightening Lotion

     With advanced formula of Kojic Acid and Rosehip Oil - to whiten skin as it heals - and Collagen + Vitamin E to increase youthfulness and improve skin health.
Kojie San Brings Skin to New Light Launch
Kojie San Body Lotion
     While the brand enjoys a strong market base here and abroad, Kojie San is bent on reaching out to more women who are still baffled about which lightening ingredient works best. To make the campaign more reachable to all the ladies who are still searching for the best lightening ingredients, Kojie San invited beauty enthusiasts like beauty bloggers and vloggers to an intimate French-themed event at La Creperie in Salcedo, Makati last June 29 for some beauty tete-a-tete with their dermatologist consultant and skin expert. The event was hosted by the beautiful Janeena Chan,
Kojie San Brings Skin to New Light Launch
     Highlights of the event include a discussion on the difference of whitening ingredients found in soaps today. Dr. Lindsay W. Torralba talked about good skin- what skin care products to use especially if you're one of the Filipinas who wish to achieve fair skin using natural ingredients that will not harm the skin layers. She shared some tips on how to lighten the skin effectively like using Kojie San Soap and lotion everyday plus a 30 spf sunblock for added protection from damaging sun rays.
Kojie San Brings Skin to New Light Launch
Dr. Lindsay W. Torralba
     We were also enlightened with some of the skin care myths that afternoon. RB Chanco, makeup artist to the stars like Anne Curtis-Smith and Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo busted some of the skin care myths that many Filipinas believe. She also shared some of her insights on skin care and makeup- both work hand in hand to achieve that fair, radiant and flawless skin.
Kojie San Brings Skin to New Light Launch
Makeup artist RB Chanco
     The highlight of the event was the big reveal of the new Kojiesan campaign that aired on television already. This new campaign will enlighten Filipinas as to what Kojiesan as a product is about and what it can do for your skin. No celebrities, no famous faces – just Kojiesan and you – because with Kojiesan, you are the It Girl.
     Like in my previous posts on Kojie San, the team shot a video compilation of our thoughts on Kojie San Skin Lightening Range after using the products for more than a month. See my BTS photo here:
Kojie San Brings Skin to New Light Launch
BTS taken around 5 pm outside the La Creperie in Salcedo, Makati
     So, when it comes to your skin, you are your strongest advocate. Learn more and try Kojiesan in my feature- Kojie San Skin Lightening Range and product reviews- Kojie San Lightening Range Review and see how it should be your best choice in bringing your skin to light!

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1 Yabuta, Teijiro. Journal of Chemica Society, Transactions – The Constitution of Kojic Acid, a y-pyrone derivative formed by Aspergillus Oryzae from carbohydrates, 1924.
2 Bentley, Ronald. Natural Product Reports - Miso, Saké and Shoyu to Cosmetics: A Century of Science for Kojic Acid, 2006. 


  1. thanks for sharing, I've always wanted to try Kojiesan but I have a little doubt maybe it's quite strong in my skin. But with your post today I am enlighten what wonders the kojiesan can do. ^^


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  2. Hello. I just wanna ask if Kojie San changed their ingredients? I know it has only 6 ingredients but mine has 19. I cant find the 6 one. :( Thanks! :D

    1. Hello,

      Not sure if they've changed the ingredients. I refer to the ingredients listed on the box and to what specific product you saw the 19 ingredients? I made a review of the products here: http://www.kathrivera.com/2016/05/kojie-san-lightening-range-soap-lotion-cleanser-toner-face-cream-review.html kindly check the ingredients. Thanks!


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