Jollibee Fun Catcher: Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

     Christmas is the time of giving and sharing. It's the day where kids receive special gifts from their parents, relatives, and loved ones. I'm sure that some of you already have their gifts under the Christmas tree and waiting to be given on Christmas Eve.

     For those who are busy and still have no idea what to give to their kids, inaanaks, pamangkins, and their friends and relatives who have kids, fret not because Jollibee has something special to offer. Presenting this limited edition premium toy- The Jollibee Fun Catcher! More details of this amazing toy below :)
Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids: Jollibee Fun Catcher
     For kids, Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. with the excitement and anticipation of family feasts and the numerous presents they will receive. This holiday season, Jollibee is helping moms and dads get the perfect gift for the kids with the limited edition Fun Catcher.
Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids: Jollibee Fun Catcher
     The battery-operated Fun-Catcher is Jollibee's version of a favorite arcade game-where kids and kids-at-heart are challenged to grab a sweet treat using a joystick-controlled mechanical claw.
Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids: Jollibee Fun Catcher
Inside the box
Instructions on how operate Jollibee Fun Catcher and to start the game:

1. Unscrew the cover and insert three (3) AA batteries.
2. Open the lid to put the treats.
Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids: Jollibee Fun Catcher
Put the sweet treats inside Jollibee Fun Catcher
3. Insert the coin to activate the Fun Catcher. Accepted coins are:

  • P 0.25
  • P 0.50
  • P 1.00
  • P 5.00
  • P 10.00

Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids: Jollibee Fun Catcher
Insert a coin to activate the Jollibee Fun Catcher
4. Use the joystick to control the claw and drop the prize into the hole:

  • Left joystick to move the claw forward and backward.
  • Middle joystick to move the claw left and right.
  • Right joystick to move the claw up and down.

Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids: Jollibee Fun Catcher
Operating and playing instructions of Jollibee Fun Catcher
5. Get the prize!
6. Keep activating the Fun Catcher whenever you're craving for sweet treats!
7. After some time, open the lid at the bottom and get your savings
Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids: Jollibee Fun Catcher
     Jollibee Fun Catcher is offered for a limited time only. Price is P 425 with every purchase of any Jollibee value meal. This premium toy is available at any Jollibee store nationwide from December 5 to January 31, 2016 only. So hurry moms and dads, go to the nearest branch of Jollibee and get this perfect gift for your kids this holiday season.
     Thank you so much Jollibee for Kenzo's early Christmas gift. He's so surprised and happy when he received this gift weeks ago. He activates his Jollibee Fun Catcher toy everyday. I was watching him yesterday while playing this toy and noticed three things: this toy teaches him how to save money, there are three (3) joysticks, operating the toy can help develop his cognitive development, and he will also learn the art of "try and try until you succeed" virtue- patience!

For more information, visit Jollibee's website

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