Jessica Minh Anh's Iconic Hairstyles

Saturday, March 14, 2015

     As everyone anticipates and starts the countdown to Hudson River’s first ever floating catwalk next Thursday, we look back at Jessica Minh Anh’s most iconic hairstyles in her many history-making catwalks. The model and catwalk producer has continuously amazed the world with her fashion phenomena on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, Eiffel Tower, One World Trade Center, London’s Tower Bridge, PETRONAS Twin Towers’ Skybridge, Gardens by the Bay’s Skyway , Seine River in Paris, and Costa Atlantica’s sundeck in Dubai. Besides innovative catwalk presentation, Jessica Minh Anh is known for her extraordinary hairstyles that compliment her exotic look.

     I've experienced how to become Jessica Minh Anh for a day  through one of a kind hairstyling photo shoot. I became a model of HD Makeup Studio and Academy in one of their hair styling course graduation. I have mixed emotions being a hairstyle model because as you all know having a color-treated, my hair had  been abused many times with chemicals and during the graduation photoshoot, lots and lots of hair sprays and other hair styling products was used to style my tresses. Pulling, tugging, tucking, twisting, and other methods was used to make my hair stand up tall but I'm proud because I did it. See Jessica Minh Anh's Iconic Hairstyles and if I may add, my one of a kind hairstyle too! Click CONTINUE READING now :)
Jessica Minh Anh's Iconic Hairstyles
     Tell me, her hairstyle is unique- yes?! Based on what I've seen with fashion hairstyling students, this kind of hair style and other fashion hair styles are hard to do. It takes passion, time and effort to make one of a kind hairstyle that's why I'm proud to become one of HD Makeup Studio and Academy Bridal and Fashion Hairstyling course model. Their mentors are great too no wonder why their students are awesome! Here's mine :)
Jessica Minh Anh's Iconic Hairstyles
Photo credits to:
Fashion Hairstylist: Sherina Sabiduria Villar
Photographer: Jeave Gabiana
MUA: Step Ching
Jessica Minh Anh's Iconic Hairstyles
J Spring Fashion Show on the Hudson is happening on March 19, 2015

     Jessica Minh Anh will transform the Hudson River in New York into the world’s newest catwalk on 19 March 2015. The highly anticipated 100 metre floating catwalk will present fashion and New York, as we know it, in a new light. Pushing the visual envelopes, Jessica will have guests seated facing the multi-faceted glass window of Bateaux New York while the boat is cruising and watch models walking in front of them as if they were walking on water. Thanks to the panoramic view from the giant glass boat, New York’s famous skyline and its architectural masterpieces such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, and One World Trade Center, will become the natural backdrop for the iconic catwalk.
Jessica Minh Anh's Iconic Hairstyles
     Similar to Jessica Minh Anh’s previous runways, J Spring Fashion Show 2015 will combine art, architecture, culture, and fashion and showcase the most exquisite haute couture, high end ready to wear and luxury accessory collections from 12 countries in 4 continents. Participating designers embrace tradition and culture, yet experiment with innovative technique of modern designs.

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