Women’s Outwear Trends For 2015

Friday, March 13, 2015

     Near the end of winter, we tend to keep an eye out for all that the upcoming season has to offer, especially when it comes to outerwear in the wardrobe department. And for that particular reason, coats and fleece jackets are considered the biggest trend among the must-haves. Keeping that in mind, here’s a compilation of the outerwear trends that are poised to be a hit in fashion outlets, consisting of designs that are bound to make you look trendy and fabulous.
Women’s Outwear Trends For 2015
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Faux leather shearling and denim jackets

     Nothing gets hotter than a cozy, plush coat, figuratively and literally. Shearling coats are warm and can be worn as soon as the spring season comes to an end. Shearling jackets featuring faux leather are trending these days. 

     Another classic wardrobe staple is the denim jacket that continues to be made available in a variety of designs and style. Denims are one of the top figure-enhancing outerwear for the spring/summer season. These jackets can be dressed up when going out of town or worn casually; you can even consider styles with roll-up or three-quarter sleeves. 

Summer blazers 

     With lightweight and versatile blazers, you can dress down or up for any occasion. For the upcoming season, blazers are available in a variety of styles, including cuff sleeves and relaxed fit to give a slimming appearance. 

     Another trend is the single button blazer featuring ruched sleeves and notched lapels. Other styles include summer blazers with lightweight fabrics available in several styles including three-quarter length sleeves and linen or cotton. The wide range of color and style make them suitable for any occasion. 

Bomber jackets 

     Bomber jackets made with cotton and luxurious silk are expected to be the rage next season. In colors such as Navy blue and styles such as granddad collar, the bomber jacket is going to enable a huge fashion statement with timeless designs. 

     Bomber jackets have been preferred as outerwear for several decades and exciting variations of the trend are made every year. Fabric choices, styles and colors of these jackets vary for different brands, and sometimes even for the same brand. For instance, Burberry makes bomber jackets with cotton and silk blend for the summer season. 

Fleece vest jackets 

     Preppy clothes like button-downs and microfleece jackets is a fair game for most seasons, including the summers, making it grounds for any good outerwear investment. Also, these jackets, apart from promoting style and comfort, enables the wearer to accommodate multiple items courtesy of zip pockets featured on most of them. 

     For medium levels of activity during the winter season or for a season such as fall or spring, a mid-weight fleece jacket will suffice. A lighter jacket will provide flexibility for active sports play, while heavy sized jackets should be reserved for the busy winter days. 

Biker jackets 

     Biker jackets are adorned all over, and 2015 is no different. Look for a style featuring flashy accents and contrast sleeves. Another style that made the biker silhouette again is the jacket featuring embroidery in shiny paillettes and muted colors. 

     Seek biker jackets in tailored silhouettes and dark colors, featuring unique embroidery work. You can wear it with a fit and flare dress and narrow panel silhouettes. Choose plain fabrics for the rest of the attire to enable the embellishment to stand out. 

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