Press Release: Professional Bloggers Taking it to the Next Level

Thursday, June 12, 2014

     The Internet and mobile landscape is developing in such a rapid pace, it’s like melted mercury that is absorbed in every country in the planet. In this digital age, internet and social media users increase in number every second, thus making online publishing and digital marketing a very effective communication tool for an individual, company and organization. The publicity is immediate, viral, and the reach is unlimited.

      Online publishers and bloggers have been cropping up over the past decade, and many of them are presently great influencers or endorsers of products and brands. These top bloggers have a great following, boasting of a worldwide audience. To know more about these bloggers and their respectively blogs, click CONTINUE READING.
Press Release: Professional Bloggers Taking it to the Next Level
Philippine Bloggers Network PBNet 2014 Board
Overview of the Philippines’ Online Landscape
     There were 34M Internet users in the Philippines in 2011, up 44% from 2008 2012 Internet Trends —Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers | Published: 05/31/2012 | Source:

     The Philippines has 106.4MM mobile subscribers and 10.8MM internet users China’s Key Internet Stats Rival the US and Japan | Published: 03/13/2012 | Source:

The Birth of Philippine Bloggers Network #PBNet 

    A group of fifteen (15) Filipino online publishers came together as one force to form Philippine Bloggers Network ("PBNet"), an organization that aims to professionalize the blogging industry. Taking blogs or online publishing to the next level, PBNet is a solid mass marketing group to any business and clientele, who are seeking premium and professional online communication services. 

     The original founders of PBNet, Azrael Colladilla, Enzo Luna and Raffy Pedrajita one day thought of doing projects together, with the vision of helping clients and businesses grow through online publishing and digital marketing. Attending to invites and events led the three gentlemen to meet top bloggers and businessmen Ron Villagonzalo and Ian Bacungan, who, later on as a group had a project for GoAutodial’s Rafael Pekson II, who blogs as a hobby. Other same-minded online publishers joined in and had their first-ever exclusive project with the French Chamber of Commerce, of which media publicist; Arabelle Jimenez is its PR for the Soiree Beaujolais project. 

     On May 17, 2014, PBNet’s First General Membership Meeting was held at their vOffice, located at modern Bonifactio Global City. Election for the Board of Directors and Officers was one of the Agendas.

Philippine Bloggers Network (PBNet) 2014 Officers: 
· President - Raffy Pedrajita 
· VP/Internal (Membership) – Ian Bacungan 
· VP/Exrternal (PR) – Ron Villagonzalo 
· Secretary – Rafael Pekson II 
· Treasurer – Arabelle Jimenez 
· Director – Marlon Magtira 

     Each of the fifteen PBNet member has their own background in the corporate world, like IT, human resources, media, marketing, finance, technology, etc. Their blog sites rank among the top in the country and has a great following from different industries. These online publishers have their own niche in the market, like travel, food, lifestyle, technology, business, and entertainment. Bringing their own experiences, they have successfully used digital marketing to respective businesses and clients in the past 10 years. Below are their blog sites: 


     Taking the online industry to the next level is a win-win scenario for both PBNet and their clients. Adhering to professionalism and respecting the code of ethics of the companies they work for, PBNet is out there to give the right message, at the right time and the right way. 

PBNet on Facebook –
PBNet of Twitter
PBNet website – (coming soon)

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