Product Review: Milea Mineral Makeup Propolis Concealer

Sunday, December 29, 2013

     Concealers, one of the best I've been breaking out day savior! Almost all of the women I know had their share of breakouts, big or small. It can make or break your day if you don't know to hide them. To conceal stubborn pimples, one needs a heavy duty concealer that will erase or hide them instantly. But what about concealers that have added skin benefits? Like healing and concealing nasty zits at the same time, genius eh?! I think everyone would love to conceal and heal their pimples using a single product, right? In my quest of finding the right skin care and makeup products, healing concealers are among the last thing that I would consider buying because some of them contain ingredients that I'm allergic two. I also can't find the right brand aside from high-end ones. So to cut the story short, this kind of makeup sans skin care falls below the list of my must-haves not until Ms. Edilee of Milea Natural Beauty sent me their Propolis Concealer. I was very intrigued with the concealer and having second thoughts on my mind since this is the first organic concealer that I have to date. But this doubt was immediately erased on my mind because the first organic soaps that I love until now came from Milea. So there's an assurance that the product will work for me like that of my first love organic soaps and their lemongrass toner that I keep or purchasing one after the other.

     So enough of the blabber, here it is my honest to goodness review of Milea Propolis Concealer after using the product for almost three months now. I can attest to the positive effects of this product alone in gradually diminishing those minor pimples from breakouts and those starting to pop out. Click CONTINUE READING for details.

Milea Mineral Makeup Propolis Concealer
Conceals and Heals Skin Breakout
Milea Natural Beauty specializes in natural & organic beauty products including mineral make up, organic skin care, hair care, other beauty products, baby care and products from our bee farm. We believe that the best way to reveal your inner beauty is through nature.

We started in 2008, with soaps and moisturizers that we developed for our child with skin asthma. From there, we branched out to products requested by our friends and customers.

Milea is a small business composed of people who believe that using natural ingredients are not only healthy, it also helps Mother Earth breath.

Our products are hand-made and takes time to prepare. We take our pledge to provide organic or natural products by heart. Even our preservative system is unique, and is certified organic. We use fruit and herb enzymes in our products and they are not only good for the skin, but for the environment as well. We do not keep a large inventory on stock, so we ship them fresh.

We partner with small farmer communities from different parts of the country, and buy some of our raw materials from them. Other materials are from our small farm in Batangas, where we also practice Apiculture and Meliponiculture (propagation of Honey Bees and Native Stingless Bess). This is also the reason why we have several products from the bees.
Please note that although we take extra care in making sure our ingredients are mild and from natural sources, all natural products may cause allergic reaction. This is because there were no chemicals added or chemical processes done that masks the allergens. It is just like taking food, if you have allergic reaction to certain food, then don't use skin products with that ingredient. Do a patch test first before application.

Our bee by-products: honey, pollen and propolis are pure and did not undergo heating process. Part of our advocacy is spreading organic agriculture by way of beekeeping. My husband goes to different locations teaching beekeeping and proper honey harvesting protocol for sustainable beekeeping and agriculture.
We pride ourselves for being chosen as one of the Philippine representative in the recently concluded China-ASEAN Expo in China. Last August, Milea, together with the UPLB Beekeeping Program won the Most Unique Products during the national convention of DA-BFAR.

Milea aims to improve the lives of people it touches. For our customers, we provide natural and effective products. Our suppliers provide fairly sourced local materials produced by farmer communities. We employ people who work hard to support their families, who appreciate dignity in labor and who put their heart into the tasks assigned to them.

This is a continuing journey for us in providing excellent natural and organic products that we are truly proud of.
Milea Mineral Makeup Propolis Concealer
The buzzing bees have been busy making more than just honey. They also make propolis that they use to make their hives better. This substance is also used by the bees as a medicine that prevents diseases and inhibits the growth of bacteria. This makes it a perfect ingredient in the Milea Bee Propolis Concealer Stick.

This product has the anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and antioxidant properties of bee propolis. It can help your blemishes heal faster and be gone sooner as it hides them from view. After all, the Milea Bee Propolis Concealer Stick helps you get a flawless-looking complexion.
size: 2.5g

price:205 php (Around $ 3.93+)

place bought: Free
You may place your orders online, contact them through the information below:
Mobile: 0917-8888-439
Phone: (632) 708-0590

instructions for use: Dab on the Milea Bee Propolis Concealer Stick onto your skin to put several dots on the affected area. Then, use your ring finger to blend it into your skin. Afterward, apply the rest of your makeup.

ingredients: Propolis, Shea Butter, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Virgin Coconut Oil, Thanakha, Iron Oxides

Milea Mineral Makeup Propolis Concealer
What I like:
  • It's organic!
  • Practical and handy twist-up tube packaging.
  • The texture is not thick nor creamy, it yields in the middle. 
  • Covers minor imperfection such as pimple marks and not so dark pimple blemishes.
  • It lightened minor blemishes on my chin after three weeks of using it religiously three times a day.
  • There's a good amount of SPF (Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide combined).
  • A little amount of the product goes a long way.
  • It's anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and made from natural ingredients.
  • It does heal minor pimples overnight. For swollen or red zits, I apply it day and night and after three days it decreases in size and intensity.
  • No irritation, breakouts or whatsoever.
  • There's a batch and expiry date printed on the tube.
What I don't like:
  • Only two shades are available.
  • There's a strong medicinal scent that I find off at first but I get used to it. If you have sensitive nose, you may opt to skip this one.
  • A little expensive for budget conscious individuals since it contains less amount of concealer than the normal ones.
  • Not easily accessible.
Will I repurchase? Yes!

     I give this a 4.5/5 rating. Even though I listed more than three cons about the product, I still like it because it performs the job in concealing minor pimples and actually helps in healing them. The moment I received this product from Milea, I can't stop using it even though the smell bothered me at first. The night of my first application didn't disappoint me because the next day I saw an improvement on the size and color of my pimples. I highly recommend this product especially if you're into natural makeup nowadays.

     Have you tried using organic concealers? What's your favorite concealer to date?
Good Times!~

DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me by Milea Natural Beauty for review. The views expressed here are my honest opinion about the product. 


  1. i love concealers!! kaya lang so hard for me to choose the right shade for my skin using san san concealer now.and i love it. good thing to know that this product is organic :) kaya lang not widely available :/ btw nice review Ms.Kath..

  2. Wow, this must be pretty opaque having titanium dioxide and zinc oxide very high on the list.

    I think it will really do well lightening the skin a little bit, those 2 are pretty good spf ingredients.

  3. It's handy and it can help conceal those tiny skin imperfections.

  4. I am so going to get both shades of these!! thanks for sharing this kath! been waiting for your review on this since I saw your haul on IG...Been searching for a concealer that could at the same time provide healing properties and I guess this just match my answers!! Will order this tommorrow..^_~

  5. @aiko borja- thanks for sharing about san san dear. up, it's hard to choose the right shade of concealer lalo na pag konti lang yung pagpipiliian. There's different kinds of concealer din for specific types of imperfection ng skin that you want to cover.

    @Rae A.- hello! yes, it's opaque but the coverage on not so small pimplr marks is sheer. I noticed na nag lighten yung dark marks sa chin ko unlike nung days na pa galing pa lang yung pimples.

    @Franc- yes, indeed.

    @Janet- awww, thanks dear. hope you'll like it. nakatulong talaga to sa pimples ko :)

  6. i have been looking for a perfect concealer for my dark circles and those i've tried so far are so expensive. This one's amazingly affordable.i'm gonna grab one and try. :)

  7. How about when I want to conceal a facial birthmark? Is it also applicable? ... Thanks!

  8. @monaliza villarmino- hello thanks for dropping by. by the way, the concealer is used for pimples and pimple marks only dear, I'm afraid that it will not make any difference on dark circles :(

    @Kirsten Allysandra San Juan- hello there :) I'm not sure since I haven't tried using this on birthmarks and other skin imperfections aside from pimple and dark pimple marks.

  9. @monaliza villarmino- hello thanks for dropping by. by the way, the concealer is used for pimples and pimple marks only dear, I'm afraid that it will not make any difference on dark circles :(

    @Kirsten Allysandra San Juan- hello there :) I'm not sure since I haven't tried using this on birthmarks and other skin imperfections aside from pimple and dark pimple marks.

  10. Thanks for the review ms.Kath. concealer is a staple on my kit and I am actually on the look for a decent and new brand of concealer to try.

    1. Hi Lei, thank you also. Yes, staple is a savior lalo na sa pimple marks :) Hope you'll find a decent brand to try.

  11. you can get Milea products at Lazada, free delivery pa :) I am trying to shift to organic stuff!

    1. Hello Dez, thank you for sharing this good news :)

  12. For milea products visit and avail 10% discount

  13. Hi nice blog! I first saw this item at kasi meron silang Go Natural sale ng mga organic products luckily meron akong p20 off kaya naka order ako ng iba pang mga organic products. nagustuhan ko naman to pang tago ng blemishes ko. pero will try to purchase explore some beauty products pa so makapag start nadin ng blog.

  14. sounds good, can be sent abroad


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