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Sunday, May 27, 2012

     I'm really in love with Prettia! To show my frenzy over this brand of bubble-type hair dye, I braved myself for the third time and it never failed me. I love my new hair color to bits! I started using Kao Prettia last year with Chiffon Beige (Yellow Brown series) then Milk Tea Brown (Brown series) and now Platinum Beige (Ash Brown). The lighter the merrier :) I'm planning to dye it again two months from now with Honey Beige and something that will look like an ash blonde. Wish me luck :)

     So here's what my hair looks like after five days of using PLATINUM BEIGE. This photo is taken five days after coloring my hair and now that it's more than three weeks methinks the color is much more lighter. Take note that in order to achieve this color, you must have a lighter hair tone prior to dyeing.
Prettia Bubble Hair Dye in Platinum Beige
Prettia Bubble Hair Dye in Platinum Beige
     Another thing that I love when using Prettia is the ease of application, it's like a walk in the park. So whatchathink? Have you tried bubble hair dyes? 

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  1. Hi! I'm Lalaine. I want color my hair and I prefer prettia because of the many lovely color option. May I know where can I buy it and how much,.thanks!

  2. Hi Lalaine :) I buy it from online shops at multiply. You can visit Geisha's Secret Online Shop at multiply. The price ranges from 650-800.

  3. Hi kath!

    I colored my hair with chiffon beige two months ago and planning on recoloring it with liese again. I love chiffon beige but I've been wanting to try platinum beige as well since it belongs to the ash family.
    Was wondering since youve tried both, which one of the two is lighter? Also which one do you prefer? :)


  4. @Dune- Hi there :) Chiffon Beige is lighter but for color comparison, it is yellow brown na parang nag blonde sa sunlight. But dapat light yung color ng hair mo kung gusto mo ma achieve yun. Platinum beige is darker parang light brown. It depends din minsan sa lightning. I'm looking for the real ash brown shade kasi. I want my hair color na ash brown in different lighting pero ang hirap. Asian hair kasi tends to become reddish dahil sa dami ng pigments sa hair natin. M next target is honey beige :)

  5. Thanks, kath!

    I find that chiffon beige tends to go a bit orangey-golden after some time. I, myself am looking for the perfect ash as well.
    In some photos kasi i see platinum beige turning out to be really blonde, in some naman quite red. Which of these two do you think shows less red/orange?
    Guess ill just have to try platinum beige first, then revert back to chiffon beige if I'm not that happy.

    Thanks again for responding at once :)

  6. @Dune- less orange is Platinum beige but sometimes I see this naman na may pagka red. Siguro depende din sa lighting. I'm thinking din na If i'll use the hi bleach ng Prettia siguro dun ko talaga ma achieve yung color na nasa box kaya lang I have to sacrifice my hair. Iba na kasi pag bleached + color >.<


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