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Feature: Cathy Doll Ready 2 White

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

     Weeks ago, Cathy Doll Philippines launched the complete line of Cathy Doll Ready 2 White skincare products together with their first Filipina brand ambassador, Elisse Joson here in the country. This Thai beauty brand became a staple in every beauty and lifestyle bloggers’ skincare and makeup essentials because of quality that doesn’t break the bank.

     During the launch that was held at Ayala Malls Cloverleaf, invited guests had a chance to check out the latest addition to Cathy Doll’s Ready 2 White Line. It was also the day where they introduced Ms. Elisse Joson as the first Filipina brand ambassador. The event was full of fun and surprises with a dance number and a question and answer portion between the media guests and Elisse. More information about the products after the jump.

Feature: Cathy Doll Ready 2 White 

Product Review: iWhite Korea Whitening Pack

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

     Hi dearies! I'm happy and excited to announce that I've added another product to my skin care regimen. Since I need to be extra vigilant in taking care of my skin during summer where I experience breakouts here and there, the need to add an extra boosts to my cleanse-tone-moisturize routine is a must.

     I've known iWhite Korea way, way back and the first product that I've tried from this skin care brand was their coffee scrub but it's already phased out. Boo! I love that scrub because it's effective in making dull skin bright and the beads were helpful in removing deep seated dirt on my face. So when Ms. Kim of iWhite Korea sent me this Whitening Pack for review, I never think twice. I'm so giddy to try it because the product looks very promising. While reading the list of main ingredients I was surprised that it contains mostly natural extracts that's proven to help and minimize skin impurities. After using the product 4 times a week for 2 weeks now I saw immediate and great results. Wanna know why you should try this Whitening Pack? Click READ ON to find out and see photos below, you'll be amazed with the results :)
     iWhite Whitening Pack instantly removes dead skin, deep-seated dirt and other impurities to reveal a radiant, glowing, younger-looking skin. Especially formulated with Mulberry Extract that whitens dark skin and evens out discoloration, Panax Ginseng Root Extract that revitalizes and improves skin health and Vitamins A,C,E and B5 to prevent premature aging.

     Here are the BENEFITS you can get each time you use the whitening pack, since you can use it 2-4 times a week you can really see the difference week after week.

Titanium Dioxide
  • Provides Sun screen protection.
  • Used as a whitening agent.
Aloe Vera
  • Protects your skin from sunburn, inflammation, redness, itching, and other allergies.
  • Acts as a regular moisturizer, hydrates the skin without greasy feel.
  • Has Salicylic Acid, Vitamins C and E.
  • Makes the skin smooth and glowing.
  • Has the capacity to remove stretchmarks and blemishes.
Mulberry Extract
  • Contains Arbutin which inhibits melanin production.
  • A better natural alternative to hydroquinone and also the most potent, most gentle substitute for it.
  • Soothing even in high concentrations.
  • Reduces uneven skin tone and appearance of dark spots.
  • Helps in cell regeneration.
Panax Ginseng
  • Reduces wrinkles and refines skin.
  • Promotes cell regeneration.
  • Helps in collagen production.
  • Helps removes scars.

iWhite Korea Whitening Pack
Another addition to my skin care addiction!
size: 3.35oz (95g) Tube and
22g Sachet

price: 199 php (Around $5.00)
22 php (Around $

place bought: Free
Available at Watsons, Mercury Drug and leading department stores and groceries nationwide! I also saw a cute kiosk inside a convenience store along Katipunan ave that sells iWhite Korea products ^_^

instruction for use: Use face with iWhite Facial Wash, rinse well and pat dry. Apply ample amount of the iWhite Whitening Pack avoiding the eyes, nose and mouth areas. Wait for 15 minutes or until it dries then peel off from the chin upwards. Use iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream all over the face to relieve stress. For best results, use 2-4 times a week.

Active ingredients:  Mulberry Root Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract and Panax Ginseng Root Extract
Also contains: Water, Polyvinyl, Alcohol Propylene Glycol, Nonoxynol-12, Allantoin, Camellia Sinesis Leaf Extract, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Oryza Sativa Bran Extract, Titanium Dioxide, Methylparaben, Ascorbic Acid Retinyl Palmitate, Disodium EDTA, Fragrance.
iWhite Korea Whitening Pack
Talk about convenience ^_^ Hello there little sachet :) The sachet costs 22 php only. Good for an estimate of 1-2 uses. 
     For more detailed and visual look on how to apply iWhite Korea Whitening Pack, refer to these photos below ^_^
iWhite Korea Whitening Pack
*photo from iWhite Korea Facebook page*
iWhite Korea Whitening Pack
*photo from iWhite Korea Facebook page*
     And this is how I do it, please prepare yourself for Halloween! Nah, just kidding XD. While the Whitening Pack is on my face, I keep myself busy for 15-20 minutes like blog hopping or refraining my face to do different expressions as this may break the mask. I usually do this ritual before I go to sleep. There's a difference before and after using this Whitening Pack and when I wake up, soft, smooth and glowing skin- TRUE THAT! Click photos to enlarge ^_^

L- Freshly Applied Mask R- After 15 minutes   
iWhite Korea Whitening Pack
After peeling the mask off- if you placed an ample amount of the product on your face, it will be easier to remove and it will not be messy at all.
iWhite Korea Whitening Pack
My skin is not perfect and flawless, it's dull and a bit oily, with freckles and dark spots too. Whew! but this peel off mask made it glowing and fresh minus the eyebags.

What I like:
  • The price- very affordable. 
  • The scent is not over powering. Doesn't have a weird or funky smell. There's a hint of minty scent whenever I apply this on my face.
  • I love the cooling sensation it gives. It's very relaxing while waiting for it to dry up.
  • I can feel dirt and dead skin cells coming off my face. This is the "tiis ganda" moment. It's a bit painful but this thing means it's effective in removing all the dirt in my face.
  • Even if I felt a bit of pain while peeling the mask off my face, there's no redness, irritation and whatsoever.
  • I saw immediate results after 15 minutes. My skin felt soft and smooth. 
  • It's really effective in terms of brightening. I can see a glow after peeling the mask off. 
  • Sealed with a foil, freshness guaranteed.
  • It's available in convenient sizes, a full-sized in tube (95g) and in sachet (22g). 
  • Easily accessible.
  • There's a batch and manufacturing date printed on it.
What I don't like: 
  • Messy application. 
Will I repurchase? Yes! Planning to purchase back-ups for the whole family :)

     I give this a 5/5 rating. Oh, another perfect score means I really love the product. Another addition to my skin care addiction indeed. I recommend this to combination and oily skin. IMO, dry skinned individuals may find this mask very tight on the skin and they will have a painful experience peeling it off. But if you can tolerate it, then go as long as you can tolerate the pain and don't forget to use a very good moisturizer to refresh your skin after the stress from peeling. I recommend iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream as your facial stress reliever after the peel, it's also effective to moisturize your skin.

     Have you tried iWhite Korea products? Share the good news! Don't forget to like their Facbook page here: iWhite Korea and follow their Twitter account here: iWhitekorea for more updates and exciting promos!

Good Times!~

DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me by iWhite Korea for review. The views expressed here are my honest opinion about the product. 


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