Feature: Divine pampering and ME TIME at CEDAR Salon

Saturday, October 03, 2015

     When it comes to salon hair care and services, I only trust a few stylists to touch my crowning glory. Since I have a colored-treated hair, it's given that my locks are prone to dryness and frizz. We're already in the last quarter of the year and this means that we will be entering the busy months of October, November, and December. This are the crazy months we're we are rushing things- buying gifts, planning reunions and parties, and going on a vacation.

     Having all these in our schedule, we must not forget ourselves and have a perfect 'me time' before holiday officially starts. I was invited to one of the newest beauty oasis in the metro three weeks ago where I had my most needed 'me time' with other beauty and fashion bloggers. Prior to this event, Martha of thebeautyjunkee blog gave a brief of CEDAR Salon and the pampering options that I can try on the day itself. I've chosen color, cut, and hair treatment that I really, really, really liked and enjoyed. Are you excited to know more about CEDAR Salon and see the new hair color that I'm sporting now? Scroll down please!

Feature: Divine pampering and ME TIME at CEDAR Salon
     CEDAR Salon is the newest oasis in the city where one can reinvigorate and recharge the senses. Upon entering the salon, I felt relaxed because of the soothing spa ambiance. No funky-chemicalish salon scent, so those with sensitive nose can relax and breathe during your entire stay at the salon. But if you're having a hair color treatment, expect to smell a little bit of ammonia.

Feature: Divine pampering and ME TIME at CEDAR Salon
CEDAR Salon reception area
     The place is roomy and has perfect lighting with big mirrors. I can say there's a zen in the room where all the services are made. I like the minimal design and the furniture in this salon. Relaxing, indeed!

Feature: Divine pampering and ME TIME at CEDAR Salon
CEDAR Salon service area
     During the event, I was introduced to my stylist Jake. He is very kind and approachable. Yay to him because he did a great job in coloring my hair. I had a heart-to-heart talk with him in terms on cut, color, and style. He discussed with me the trends in hair cut that suits my hair type. I have long, thin and limp hair that I've kept uncut for almost 2 years. He said that I needed to cut the ends of my hair and give it a u-shaped look. I'll summarize below the important things he said to me and why I've achieved the hair color that I wanted :)

Hair color details:
Brand used: Schwarzkopf 
Shade: Combination of  8.11 and 7.56
Treatment: Bonacure Hair Therapy

Feature: Divine pampering and ME TIME at CEDAR Salon
Clockwise L-R: My old hair color and long limpy hair, after shampooing, Jake is checking my hair (status, condition, and if the color will look even, and prepping for haircut.
  • Before going to the salon, decide what hair color you like and let the stylist study it first.
  • Rule of the thumb- if you have bleached hair or you have light hair color from the very start, expect that you will achieve the true color that you want or almost the same and close shade.
  • If  you're really dying to have that hair color you have to undergo hair bleaching BUT always consider the condition of your hair.
  • The quality of hair dye that will be used in coloring your hair depends on the brand. It's not a must but as much as possible, stick to only one brand of hair color so that next time that you're going to have another coloring sesh, you will achieve the hair color you want without the fuss.
  • If you will not undergo hair bleaching, the only thing that will work in achieving the closest shade of your dream hair color is by mixing dyes. Ask  you stylist to give you a copy of the color chart. From the chart, let him explain which is which. What colors he/she is going to mix so that you will have an idea what the color will look like after application and waiting time.
  • Always choose color + treatment service on the day of your visit to the salon. Remember that after the coloring process, hair is in the delicate state where all the nutrients have been stripped of because of the hair dye BUT fret NOT- hair treatment is here to rescue!
  • Relax and enjoy while waiting for your new hair color. You can ask the stylist anything you want about the process and the after care treatment.
  • Use hair care products- shampoo, conditioner, serum for colored-treated hair. Since the hair color will eventually fade, make sure to use products that will make the fading beautiful.

Feature: Divine pampering and ME TIME at CEDAR Salon
Counter clockwise L-R: Haircut,  checking the hair color chart, and after applying the dye
     So here's the color of my hair after the event. Take note that this color will fade on the 4th or 5th day to the hair color that I really want- close ash brown hair color without bleaching. After the event, I can see that it's really the ash brown that I've dreamed of before. Jake also explained to me that the color of my hair will fade in either of the two shades in the chart because fading also depends on the hair care products I'm using.

Feature: Divine pampering and ME TIME at CEDAR Salon
Look ma, the hair color that Jake recommended in the chart looks like this. This is the 8.11 shade
     After almost a week, I took another photo to see how beautiful my hair color faded. I run out of shampoo for color-treated hair that's why I'm using organic one right now. I also use a conditioner for color-treated hair. The photo was taken around 5 p.m. in natural lighting. No filter or other effects used. I also love the hair treatment  used in my hair after the color sesh. It made my hair soft, smooth, and shiny!

Feature: Divine pampering and ME TIME at CEDAR Salon
After a week, this is my hair color in natural lighting around 5 p.m. The shade looks like the one that I've encircled on the left photo above.
     Thank you so much CEDAR Salon in an afternoon of divine pampering. I always get compliments from my relatives and friends because of my hair color. To all my readers, I highly recommend CEDAR Salon. Since the holiday rush is coming, visit them today and book an appointment. Posting here the menu services for your reference.

Feature: Divine pampering and ME TIME at CEDAR Salon
CEDAR Salon menu of services

For more information about CEDAR Salon:
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To book an appointment pls. call CEDAR Salon at (02) 726-7960

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