Who will Jollibee Challenge Next? #JolliDanceShowdown

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

     Last January 16, aspiring dancers lined up to try out for the G-Force audition. To their surprise, Jollibee was one of the dancers who auditioned. Yes, the infamous bee- Jollibee surprised teacher Georcelle of G-Force and challenged her to a dance showdown.
Who will Jollibee Challenge Next?  #JolliDanceShowdown
     Before sharing with you this article, I've already seen a video going viral in Facebook and when I clicked the link, it was Jollibee dancing one-on-one with teacher Georcelle. Cool beans, indeed! Anyhoo, as of this writing, the video has already garnered 5.6 million views in Facebook. Well, it looks like Jollibee is looking for the next challenger. Who will Jollibee challenge next? I'm so excited to find out. If you haven't seen the video, watch it below!
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Good Times!~

Let's Celebrate "Pinoy Pride" at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Thursday, February 26, 2015

     The Happiest Place on earth announced a few weeks ago a new level of excitement and awesomeness with the launch of "Pinoy Pride" at Hong Kong Disneyland. “Tayo’y managinip kasama ang mga bituin, at ang lihim mong ginto ay ating tuklasin…,” Hong Kong Disneyland Resort recently announced the release of a new song tailor-made for the Philippine market, titled “Find Your Light.” It is a song produced by an all-Filipino cast -written by the park’s very own Music Director, Rony Fortich, with vocals performed by Raki Vega and choreography created by Park Choreographer Jaime Del Prado. 

     The music video was proudly produced to highlight the park’s many talented Filipino cast members and aims to inspire Filipino guests to share both the joy and “Pinoy pride” at Hong Kong Disneyland. I'm static while reading this news, my mind is already flying on its way to Hong Kong Disneyland today because I'm soo excited to see the new offerings. Click CONTINUE READING to know more about the new attractions and watch the video Find Your light after the jump :)
Let's Celebrate "Pinoy Pride" at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort


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