Watsons' Color Your Hair Bold

Watsons' Color Your Hair Bold Launch

Monday, May 23, 2016

     I've been coloring my hair to make it lighter for more than three years now. I'm a fan of Do-It-Yourself hair coloring products and I find it easy, safe (because I make it sure to follow the instructions written on the box packaging) and life saver especially in times of bad hair days. I also go to salons if I want to achieve a bolder color with the help of a professional stylist but there were times that I don't have the budget for it or I'm too busy because of mommy and daughter duties at home.

     Are you itching to color your hair bold but contemplating because of limited resources? Watsons recently launched their "Color Your Hair Bold" initiative and wants to ease these worries of women by highlighting that hair coloring is not only fun, it is also safe, affordable and easy that everyone can do it at home, Now is the perfect time to spruce up your hair because bold colored hair is in! More details about the launch and sharing with you my new hair color below :)

Watsons' Color Your Hair Bold Launch


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