Watsons Get It K-Beauty

Watsons K-Beauty Launch

Sunday, January 22, 2017

     It's a no brainer that most of Korean women have beautiful skin. It's a mixture of genes, climate, and tons of skin care products they apply religiously everyday. Have you heard of their 10-step skin care routine? It's crazy and tedious but if that's the road to young and glowing skin then let's give it a shot!

     It’s no longer a surprise to find more Filipinas becoming infatuated and obsessed with Korean beauty habits – face masks, ampoules, essence, etc. It’s fun, it’s never too serious, and you’ll definitely enjoy the quirky products that aren’t only cute, but work, too! Wondering why most of the Korean actresses have dewy complexion and ever glowing look – well, fret no more as Watsons can help you channel your inner Koreanovela dream with it’s new Get It K-Beauty section! See some of the exclusive line-up of K Beauty products that will make your skin healthy and glowing below :)

Watsons K-Beauty Launch


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