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Press Release: Sizzle In Velvet Rose Lingerie’s Swimwear and Lounge Wear This Summer!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

     It's summertime once again, are you ready to have fun and basked in the sun with your toned body and sizzling swimwear? We're all excited and I'm sure you're already packing all the things you need for your summer getaway. Sunblock, sunglasses and swimwear! Three of the most important things that you need to bring with you whether you're just going to surf, to dive, to swim or party at the beach. Don't worry about your body, if you didn't reach your goal to have those sexy abs there's a wide range of swimwear and lounge wear that Velvet Rose Lingerie has in store for you. Say hello to sexy and fashionable swimwear and lounge wear that caters to your body shape. Problem about excess fats? They also have cover ups and lounge wear that can still make you look sexy. So scroll down, don't lose hope because Velvet Rose Lingerie is here to make your summer a sexy and a fab one! Click CONTINUE READING to see my favorite styles of swim wear and lounge wear :)
 Sizzle In Velvet Rose Lingerie’s Swimwear and Lounge Wear This Summer!
Velvet Rose Lingerie's New 2014 Swimwear Collection


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