Vaseline Water-Based Whitening Serum

Vaseline Water-Based Serum SPF30 PA++ #SeizeTheSummer Launch

Thursday, March 05, 2015

     The long wait is finally over! Summer is here :) If you're still dreaming of the sea, sun, and sand, wake up because the most exciting time of the year has arrived! Everyone is excited and looking forward to this season of awesomeness under the sun. Many of us has been working out, planning a vacation/staycation or simply running errands (real property tax, renewal of documents, etc)  that is already due this first quarter of the year.

     Summer is also the time where we need to take extra care for our skin. The damaging rays of the sun can cause sun burn and skin darkening that's why some of us don't want to go out and miss the joys that summertime brings. In order to combat those things, we need to use a lotion with sunscreen to give us protection even if we bask under the sun. Now, you’ll never have to miss out on summer again because Vaseline recently introduced a new variant of their lotion that will help us #SeizeTheSummer! Click CONTINUE READING now to know more about the product and get a chance to WIN A TRIP TO BALI, INDONESIA :)
Vaseline Water-Based Serum SPF30 PA++ #SeizeTheSummer Launch


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