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Feature: Stanhome World- Another Direct- Selling Company for Women

Thursday, November 10, 2011

     Sorry for lack of post this week because I'm not in the mood to make product reviews and haven't receive my package on different stuffs I purchased for review. I know, lazy me! I'm also becoming addicted to SIMS Social on Facebook that this laggy game causes me to spend more time reconnecting my inet connection. 

     On to the topic, on my way to my parents house I saw this small establishment similar to Avon. As we all know, Avon is the most famous direct- selling brand here in our country. I remember when I was still in high school that an Avon lady will show up in our house to give brochures of makeups and different stuffs. From then on, a lot of direct-selling company arised in the market like Natasha, Tupperware, Boardwalk, MSE, M and Co. and others that I forgot the name.

    The brand caught my attention because this came from Europe and the endorser is Carmina Villaroel. So I decided to join. I only paid 50 php for the two brochures which cost 20php and 15 php and I guess 15 php for the Identification Card. I joined not because I want to make profit out of it but to purchase some beauty and household products for personal use. 
Stanhome World: another direct-selling company for women
Household products brochure
     As I browse through the products in the brochure, I can say that some of the stuffs there are promising. It includes skin care, makeup, fragrances, intimate wear and household products. As for the price, I can't compare it to other direct-selling brands because I rarely purchase from them. 
Stanhome World: another direct-selling company for women
Beauty products, intimate wear brochure
     I'm still thinking what to buy first. I'll make a product review on one of their makeup soon. Since this came from Europe, I think it has something good to offer.

     Are you a member of a direct-selling company?Share to us your story.

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