Power Mac Center Basecamp Workshop

Power Mac Center Creativity Camp: Kids and Teens Workshop

Monday, May 27, 2024

     There are two things that kids and teens get excited about these days: summer vacation and more time to play their favorite online games or do their hobbies online. We cannot deny the fact that their gadgets are already part of their lives. Given that the advancement of technology has a big impact on our lives, even though there are disadvantages associated with the use of gadgets, playing online games, or simply watching YouTube videos, it has a remarkable advantage when used properly and responsibly.

     Kids and teens nowadays exhibit remarkable proficiency in digital technology. Their natural adaptability and early exposure to screens significantly contribute to their digital fluency. To nurture their skills further, Power Mac Center (PMC), through its official training arm Basecamp, has launched Creativity Camp: Workshop for Kids & Teens.
Power Mac Center Creativity Camp: Kids and Teens Workshop


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