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6 Modern Ways to Wear Pearls

Thursday, March 19, 2015

     Long before pearls starting gracing fashion magazines and movie premiers, men and women throughout history have been coveting them for their lustrous natural beauty. The poster child of timeless elegance, these organic gems have slowly been making their presence known in the past few years – most recently, on the 2015 Oscar Awards. But pearls don’t necessarily have to be limited to glamorous awards shows. Let’s take a look at some modern ways that pearl jewelry can best be worn.

The Double Drape

     If you’ve got a single-strand pearl rope necklace, it can be given a whole new feel just by looping and draping it twice around your neck. While it works great with turtlenecks or other tops with high necklines, it provides a modern look with a sexy allure when worn underneath a blouse with the top buttons popped open to just the right level.

The Larger, the Better

     Larger pearls make a bold statement and complement outfits of neutral colors quite nicely. Large chunky bracelets are often showcased best when worn with short-sleeved tops whereas big pearl earrings can complete a sophisticated formal look.

6 Modern Ways to Wear Pearls

Romantic with Ribbons

     Wearing pearls with accessories of varying textures dresses up even the most casual outfits. While online pearl necklace stores usually have an abundance of necklaces with pearls and diamonds, ribbons and pearls work just as perfectly for that date-night ensemble. The combination of the soft fabric of ribbons and the hard sheen of pearls can add up to a romantic and whimsical piece to be pulled off even when wearing everyday outfits.

On Accessories

     Wearing pearls doesn’t have to be limited to the most common ways of wearing jewelry. Pearls can be added as embellishments on shoes, belts, watch straps, and even on hats. Add a touch of elegance to your look by wearing a pearl headband, or go the glamorous route by carrying a pearl clutch.

6 Modern Ways to Wear Pearls

On Clothes

     Taking a cue from pearl accessories, these lustrous gems can also be sewed directly onto the fabric of your clothes. If Lupita Nyong’o’s red carpet stunner of a gown wasn’t proof enough that this works, try telling that to the fashion police. Different-sized pearls on the breasts of a cotton sweater can take it a level up from comfort casual, while pearls on denim overalls have been taken off the runway and onto the streets in trendy everyday wear.

6 Modern Ways to Wear Pearls
Pinned on Hair

     Hair pins with single pearls look great on messy buns and chignons, and gives a fun and carefree vibe to your crowning glory. It may take a while for all of them to be removed afterwards and you may need to be extra careful about where you lay your head on while wearing them, but the look speaks for itself. 

6 Modern Ways to Wear Pearls
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     Pearls are a lot more versatile than most people give them credit and can be used for more than just formal occasions. Whether you wear yours in a more traditional way or with a more edgy feel, pearl jewelry pieces are a must-have for every girl’s accessories box.


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