Nivea UV Whitening Serum

Product Review: Nivea UV Whitening Serum

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

     Affordable and Effective! Two words that describe one giant name in skin care and that's NIVEA. Over the years, the brand already produced quality skin care products that caters to different skin care needs of every individuals. I love Nivea and will always be! I already raved their whitening lotion here: Nivea Whitening Cell Repair and Protect Body Milk 40x Vitamin C. Just click the link if you want to read my review. This brand is very close to my heart and if celebrities trust Belo for their skin, I trust NIVEA for all my skin care needs. So when NIVEA Philippines brought this intensive whitening serum here in our country, I said to myself this will be the next star in their whitening lotion variants. Truly it is! Wanna know why? Click continue and find out :) 


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