Mamala 9M.E.D Elixir Deo Cream

Feature: Mamala Thailand

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

     Filipinos are always curious- we love to try different things that we see on social media, that we hear from our friends, that we read from magazines, or even gave in when a relative or family member recommends something. We have the power to make something a trend especially in food, beauty, and fashion. Once that thing or that brand has reached the mainstream, it may go viral and becomes a crowd favorite.

     For almost a decade of lurking in different online platforms,  I've seen trends in the beauty industry come and go. If my memory serves me right, Japanese brands became famous for their oral beauty supplements then Koreans are known for their meticulous nth step skincare routine (until now), and Thais are giving the best of both worlds when it comes to inner and outer skincare game. Fast forward today, get to know one of the Thai brands that I discovered last year through my cousin- Mamala Thailand. The brand sent their best-selling products namely Mamala M Intense Intimate Cleanser, Mamala White Body Soap, and Mamala 9M.E.D Elixir Deo Cream. Sharing a short feature about these promising personal care products after the jump.

Feature: Mamala Thailand


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