Lactacyd's Intimate Journeys, Different Stories Woman Talks Launch

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

     Hi dearies! I'm excited to share with you the highlights of Lactacyd Intimate event that I attended last Thursday at Crowne Plaza Ortigas. Journey was the theme of the event that's why I'm not surprised when I saw gorgeous flight attendants when I arrived at the venue. The set up of the place was exciting because there were five booth destinations where everyone can relax, try the stuff that was offered from each booth. 

     This event also introduced the new variant of Lactacyd Feminine Wash- Cool and Fresh. I'm sure you most of the girl readers here in the blog are familiar with Lactacyd and been using it to wash the intimate areas. Lactacyd has gone a long way as they introduced different variants of feminine wash suited for every individual's lifestyle. Lactacyd believed that No two women are alike that's why they've created these variants to cater different women need. To know more about Lactacyd's line of feminine wash, click CONTINUE READING.
Lactacyd's Intimate Journeys, Different Stories Launch #WomanTalks
     No two women are alike. Every woman has her own story.

    She embarks on her personal journey daily. Whether she balances her time for work, play, family and everything else that comes in between, she needs the perfect companion to accompany her in her everyday adventure of choice.

     Lactacyd understands that every woman has distinct needs. That is why Lactacyd came up with a full range of feminine care that suits the different types of women best.

     Like what I've said above, there were five destinations where each variant of Lactacyd feminine wash was designated. The Lactacyd Classic variant for London, Lactacyd Revitalizing for Bali, Lactacyd All-Day Care for the bustling city of New York, Lactacyd Intimate White for Maldives and Lactacyd Cool and Fresh for Tokyo.

Lactacyd's Intimate Journeys, Different Stories Woman Talks Launch
     The event was hosted by the funny Sam YG and and pretty Gelli Victor. They also invited the winners of Bb. Pilipinas in the event because these women perfectly fit with Lactacyd's new range of Feminine care. To make the event more exciting, Anne Curtis-Smith joined the hosts as they talked about women's lifestyle and the journeys that we women went through.
Lactacyd's Intimate Journeys, Different Stories Women Talks Launch 

     For women who like keeping things simple and breeze through life with the greatest of ease, her journey can be best enjoyed with the Lactacyd All-Day Care. A back-to basics approach to feminine hygiene, this lightly-scented variant contains natural milk extracts that gently cleanse and refresh the intimate area. It offers whole day freshness for ladies who just want to make the most out of life. It also comes in handy All-Day Care Feminine Wipes sachet for on-the-go hygiene care.

     Some women like to show off. For women who like to flaunt their fabulousness and bask in the limelight, the Lactacyd White Intimate is the perfect companion for this “It” girl. Providing hypoallergenic and dermatologically-safe lightening, this variant is made with natural whitening ingredients: plant-based Actipone-B and marine-based Algowhite to gently lighten the skin around the intimate area. Never be afraid to show off some (or even more) skin and embark on daring adventures with this intimate care variant -- a natural and safe whitening feminine wash that is preferred by 9 out of 10 Asian women1 because of its proven lightening effects in the bikini area in just four weeks2.
Lactacyd's Intimate Journeys, Different Stories Woman Talks Launch
Protecting - the classic variant that keeps itching, irritation and odor away via its delicate and caring properties
Revitalize - the feminine wash with Vitamin E and collagen ingredients to enhance skin softness, suppleness and firmness
White Intimate – a natural and safe lightening feminine wash that lightens the bikini area within 4 weeks1
All-Day Care - formerly known as Lactacyd Fresh Radiance, for everyday protection and freshness
Cool and Fresh - which promotes cooling and longer-lasting freshness2 against heat and feeling of stickiness in the intimate area
     Age is but a number for women who are continuously on the go and live fast-paced lives. Prone to premature ageing, they need Lactacyd Revitalize, an intimate care product that goes beyond cleansing and help bring 90% skin youthfulness back in just 10 days3. The feminine wash with Vitamin E and collagen that enhances skin softness and firmness, its moisturizing effects make skin soft and supple to touch -- keeping women on top of their game while feeling (and looking) young all over again.

     A ray of sunshine. A burst of happiness. For women who like to enjoy life to the fullest, they need an intimate care partner that will make them feel fresh and cool, longer. The Lactacyd Cool and Fresh variant promises a refreshing day all through out to keep the mood up when the temperature rises. Made with a special combination of milk extracts and menthol essences, this mildly soothing variant not only provides best cleansing and protection, but also natural cooling essences to give longer freshness4 against heat and feeling of stickiness in the intimate area.
Lactacyd's Intimate Journeys, Different Stories Woman Talks Launch
photo from Lactacyd's Facebook page
     Thank you so much Lactacyd for having me. I enjoyed the night full of fun and surprises. Congratulations to the winners and dearies, Lactacyd is having a major giveaway! Post your #WomanTalks selfie photos on Instagram and you might win an Asian Cruise Trip for two! So like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram to know more about the mechanics of the giveaway. 
Lactacyd's Intimate Journeys, Different Stories Woman Talks Launch
So what's your story?

Take Lactacyd to your next journey.
You know what's best for you.

Good Times!~


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